Rendezvous with Rama Fun Activities

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Love Letter

Write a love letter from Commander Norton to his wives. Like Norton, make sure that the contents are suitable to be received by both of his wives.

Ode to Rama

Write a poetic ode to Rama from any character's point of view, in any style.

Solar System Model

Make a scale model of the solar system, and include the satellites that are a part of the United Planets.

Makeshift Boat

Construct a makeshift boat like the Resolution. Make it out of recycled parts and make sure it floats.

Newspaper Clipping

Bring in a newspaper clipping that reminds you of one of the characters in the novel. Be prepared to defend your position in class.


Design a Raman uniform using recyclable materials. Use the "pattern" in the book so it will be "authentic."


Make a model of one of the spider-like biot creatures. If possible...

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