Rendezvous with Rama Character Descriptions

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Bill Norton

Often relying on the imaginary advice of the mythical Captain Cook to make important mission decisions, this leader prefers to avoid the use of force, perhaps to the detriment of the mission.

Boris Rodrigo

This officer believes that Rama may be the equivalent of Noah's Ark, sent by remote aliens to seek and save the worthy humans from an imminent disaster.

James Pak

This rider of Dragonfly, who crashes near the Cylindrical Sea due to atmospheric disturbances, is later retrieved by the Resolution rescue team.

Laura Ernst

Endeavour's chief doctor, prevented from capturing a live alien creature for research purposes, is first excited, then shocked when dissecting a dead alien spider.

Joe Calvert

This officer annoys other explorers by whistling themes from popular movies of the 20th century.

Karl Mercer

The first character to suggest that the island of New York is a factory that uses...

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