Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Fun Activities

Edwin Lefèvre
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Create a visual representation of the stock market.

Important People

Create a chart showing some of the important people Livingston discusses and their contribution to America's economy.

Book Cover

Create the art for a front book cover for the book.


Create a very brief synopsis for the flap of the book jacket that would entice readers to read this book.


Create a timeline including illustrations of the events from this text. Include a map showing the locations of where the events took place.

Book Talk

Talk about this book to another class who has not read the book. Include a short reading to encourage students in the other class to want to read this book.

TV Reporter

Pretend you are a TV reporter and provide an on-scene report of one of Livingston's better known manipulations.

Flow Chart

Make a flow chart of the major events...

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