Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Edwin Lefèvre
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Essay Topic 1

The young Livingston is fascinated by patterns in the tape and has an excellent memory for numbers. He is able to remember the patterns various stocks normally exhibit well enough to predict their behavior or notice if they act strangely. He records his predictions and compares them to the actual performance of the stocks. Livingston trusts his observations more than tips from others.

1. What would you say about Livingston as a person based on the above paragraph?

2. Livingston is 15-years-old when the book opens. Describe the characteristics you see in Livingston that you would consider typical for a 15 year old and the ones you consider more adult like.

3. Livingston from the brief description above seems like a very organized, possibly even obsessive individual. Discuss the ways you believe this type of personality might do well as a stock broker.

Essay Topic 2

Having patience and waiting until...

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