Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Character Descriptions

Edwin Lefèvre
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Larry Livingston

He is the main character of the book.

Traders, or Stock Speculators

Livingston tends to use this term, as opposed to the more modern term, but the meaning is the same.

H.S. Teller

He is a bucket shop operator in St. Louis that treats Livingston poorly and does not allow him even a single trade while he is trying to increase his stake for Wall Street.

Mr. Partridge

He is an older trader at Fullerton's whom Livingston seems to admire.

Unnamed Friend

Livingston has an unnamed friend who vacations with him and is also a stock trader.

Harding Brothers

This is the brokerage where Livingston first goes upon arrival in New York City, in addition to Fullerton's.

J.P. Morgan

He is a legendary businessman and banker, one of the richest and most powerful men of the time.

Percy Thomas

He is a well-known speculator...

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