Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edwin Lefèvre
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Chapter I

• Livingston has a job as a quotation-boy at a "bucket shop" in Boston.

• Quotes are called off and come across on a ticker tape.

• Customers can bet up or down on a stock or play a margin.

• They're illegal, but tolerated.

• Livingston records his predictions and compares them to what happened.
• Livingston begins betting and makes his first $1000 by the time he is 15.

• The bucket shops do not like his winning and begin banning him from trading.

• One of the largest bucket shops haven't banned him but decide to play a trick on him.

• He beats them at their own game.

Chapter II

• No one will take Livingston's bets in Boston so he moves to New York to trade on the market.

• He doesn't trade everyday, the excitement could cause him to make a mistake.

• Having patience and waiting until the right moment is an important...

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