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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Mme. Swann at Home," what do the narrator's parents finally say about Bergotte?

2. What does the narrator give the mistress of a whorehouse as a present in "Mme. Swann at Home"?

3. In "Place-Names," what happens the day the narrator fears Gilberte Swann will not come to play?

4. How does the narrator's family react to Uncle Adolphe's friends?

5. Why must the narrator cancel his travel plans in "Place-Names"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gilberte do in "Place-Names" that makes the narrator think she might like him?

2. What happens the first two times Swann visits Odette's house?

3. In "Mme. Swann at Home," what happens to the narrator's writing?

4. How does the narrator feel about Bergotte?

5. How is M. Swann associated with the narrator's family?

6. Why does the narrator visit his Uncle Adolphe frequently in "Combray"?

7. What happens on New Year's Even in "Mme. Swann at Home"?

8. As a young boy how did the narrator spend his time before and after dinner?

9. What happens when the narrator's family decides to walk through Swann's Gardens after having not walked that way since M. Swann's marriage?

10. How does the narrator's grandmother start a fight with her family in "Overture"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator longs for a relationship with a woman. Choose three attempts at relationships, or desires for relationships, and analyze their successes and failures. What was the benefit to the narrator? What harmed him in the end? What does the theme of failed romance mean for this novel?

Essay Topic 2

Select three marriages in this novel and compare and contrast them. What is the commentary on marriage that this novel provides?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator is almost always preoccupied with social class standing. Explain the cause and effect of this obsession. Why is social class such an important issue? How does the narrator resolve his desire to raise his class?

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