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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What art does M. Vinteuil dabble in?
(a) Music composition.
(b) Oil painting.
(c) Sculpture.
(d) Writing.

2. What religion does Blotch practice?
(a) Judiasm.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) Luthern.
(d) Buddism.

3. In "Combray," where does the narrator often read?
(a) In the garden.
(b) In his bedroom.
(c) Behind the couch.
(d) At the dinner table.

4. What does the narrator long to see Berma do in "Mme. Swann at Home"?
(a) Read.
(b) Recite poetry.
(c) Paint.
(d) Act.

5. Why does the narrator enjoy the fall in "Place-Names"?
(a) He can go back to school.
(b) It reminds him of love.
(c) The leaves crunch.
(d) He feels it's his new start.

6. Why does M. de Norpois want to introduce the narrator to his son?
(a) Because his son is a writer.
(b) Because his son is well educated.
(c) Because his son is wealthy.
(d) Because his son is a fortune-teller.

7. Why does Gilberte send the narrator a copy of a Bergotte book?
(a) She had two copies.
(b) He wanted to give a copy to his mother.
(c) She didn't want her copy.
(d) He asks her about it.

8. According to Bergotte, what does illness do?
(a) Give time for intellectual pursuits.
(b) Show who one's real friends are.
(c) Let people sleep.
(d) Ruin a good party.

9. What makes the narrator remember Combray as an adult?
(a) Making coffee.
(b) Meeting M. Swann at the opera.
(c) Drinking tea.
(d) His grandmother's funeral.

10. When they are in Paris, why does Odette want money from Swann?
(a) To go out for dinner.
(b) To take a house.
(c) To buy a dress.
(d) To repay a loan.

11. What is Mme. de Saint-Loup's house?
(a) A place the narrator visited when he was younger.
(b) A restaurant that is open late.
(c) The boarding house were the narrator stays.
(d) The narrator's aunt's business.

12. In "Swann In Lov,e, why does Swann often go days without seeing Odette?
(a) He can't find her.
(b) He starts seeing someone new.
(c) To give her space.
(d) To prove he doesn't need her.

13. In "Overture," what does the narrator's family do every time a guest comes over?
(a) They pretend to not know who it is.
(b) They leave the house if they don't like who it is.
(c) They wear their best clothing.
(d) They peek at them through the window and hide.

14. What happens when Swann takes Odette on vacation in "Swann In Love"?
(a) He spends too much money.
(b) He leaves Odette behind.
(c) He gets lost.
(d) He is jealous of all the other men.

15. Which day of the week is dinner served early at Combray?
(a) Monday.
(b) Friday.
(c) Sunday.
(d) Saturday.

Short Answer Questions

1. What made the narrator's family avoid Swann's Way?

2. In "Overture," what makes the narrator think he will be sent back to school?

3. In "Swann In Love," why can't Swann leave Paris?

4. How does Mme. Swann tell the narrator secrets in a way that confuses him?

5. In "Place-Names," why does the narrator sometimes go to Allee des Acacias?

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