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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Swann In Love.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Overture," how does the narrator's mother comfort him when he is crying?
(a) She pats his head.
(b) She gives him a hug.
(c) She calls his father for help.
(d) She reads him books.

2. What does Swann come to realize about his relationship with Odette at the end of "Swann In Love"?
(a) It was very natural.
(b) It was all a lie.
(c) It was too long.
(d) It was the best relationship he ever had.

3. What does the narrator's "magic lantern" do?
(a) Record his favorite songs.
(b) Project pictures on the wall.
(c) Pick up radio broadcasts.
(d) Turn off once it is daylight.

4. Why doesn't the narrator's mother visit Mlle. Vinteuil in "Combray"?
(a) She thinks the girl caused her father's death.
(b) She thinks the girl stole her mother's money.
(c) She thinks the girl is wicked.
(d) She thinks the girl hates everyone.

5. When did the narrator visit Combray?
(a) As an adult.
(b) He hasn't visited there yet.
(c) During his early teens.
(d) As a young boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Overture," what does the narrator's family do every time a guest comes over?

2. Who visits the narrator's family most often when he is a young boy?

3. What makes the narrator remember Combray as an adult?

4. When does the narrator say his mother did not kiss him goodnight as a small child?

5. Why is Swann often late to the Verdurin's parties in "Swann In Love"?

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