Remembrance of Things Past Fun Activities

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Create a map that represents all of the places in this novel. Include cities, houses, pathways, and rivers that are prominent in the novel.

Comic book

Turn a favorite scene of this novel into a comic strip.

Greeting card

Create a greeting card expressing your sympathy for the narrator's loss of his grandmother. Include a personal note that you think would comfort him.


Create a list of gifts that the narrator could give to each of the women he admires in order to try to buy their love. Why choose these items?

Talk show

Pretend you are the host of a daytime talk show and invite on your stage a couple suffering from infidelity. Bring out all the members of the affair and have them sort out their problems with input from the audience of your classmates.

Travel brochure

Create a tri-fold travel brochure for Balbec...

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