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• The narrator introduces the reader to his childhood in Combray.

• The narrator spent a good deal of time alone in his room.

• M. Swann was the narrator's family's most frequent guest.

• The narrator's aunts often insulted M. Swann after his marriage.

• The narrator tried hard to earn extra affection from his mother but failed.

• One night when the narrator was very upset, his mother spent the night in his room comforting him and reading books.


• The narrator describes Aunt Leonie, who dislikes most people and leads a very routine life.

• The narrator's Uncle Adolphe works in the theater and knows famous actresses.

• The narrator takes refuge in reading a lot.

• Bergotte is the narrator's favorite writer, and he is impressed that the Swann family knows him personally.

• The narrator spends some time with the composer M. Vinteuil.

• The narrator is impressed with M. Swann's daughter when...

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