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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gemmy do when the natives approach him that is lost on Andy?
(a) He offers them a gift.
(b) He uses their language.
(c) He makes a sign.
(d) He sits with them.

2. What is Ned Corcoran's opinion of Gemmy?
(a) He is intrigued by Gemmy.
(b) He thinks Gemmy is dangerous.
(c) He believes Gemmy is extremely intelligent.
(d) He believes Gemmy is a fraud.

3. What does George Abbot do to convince everyone he is older than he is?
(a) Carries a pipe
(b) Grows a beard
(c) Drinks alcohol
(d) Speaks condescendingly to others

4. Why does Lachlan come to live with the McIvors?
(a) His father is killed.
(b) He runs away from home.
(c) His mother is killed.
(d) His parents want him to have a better life in Australia.

5. Who rescues Gemmy when he washes up on the shore?
(a) Aborigines
(b) Mr. Frazer
(c) White settlers
(d) Lachlan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen think has made Jock's youth dwindle?

2. What happens to Jock and Ellen's marriage as a result of their conflict with their fellow settlers?

3. How does Gemmy get food once in Queensland?

4. Who is the primary focus of George's anger and frustration?

5. Who does Lachlan plan to travel the world with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gemmy do to help the villagers understand him? Why does he need to do this?

2. How does Gemmy attempt to protect the natives?

3. What sort of relationship does Gemmy have with the natives while he is living with them? How does he "fit" into their society?

4. Describe Gemmy's appearance when the children first come upon him

5. How does Gemmy attempt to maintain his ties to the aborigines in this chapter?

6. What is Andy's version of the meeting Gemmy has with the natives? What is incorrect about his version?

7. What is Gemmy reminded of when he sees fire? How does this make him feel?

8. How does Gemmy's arrival disrupt Jock's lifestyle?

9. Why does George choose to study French in the afternoons?

10. Describe what Janet sees that makes her think of the word "glory".

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