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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is George shocked when he comes into Mrs. Hutchence's house?
(a) Many of the settlers are there
(b) The house is opulent
(c) He sees Leona for the first time
(d) It is scarcely decorated

2. Which of the visitors to Mrs. Hutchence's house is most surprising?
(a) Janet
(b) George
(c) Hec
(d) Gemmy

3. How does Ned Corcoran react when he sees an aborigine on his property?
(a) He runs them off of his property.
(b) He tries to reason with him.
(c) He observes him carefully.
(d) He shoots him.

4. Why is it problematic that Andy tells the men about the stone the natives give Gemmy?
(a) It makes them more fearful.
(b) It was supposed to be a secret.
(c) It is not true.
(d) It sparks their curiosity.

5. What are the children afraid of after hearing their parents' stories?
(a) Wild animals in the forest
(b) The natives of Queensland
(c) Pirates
(d) Anyone who is different than them

Short Answer Questions

1. How was George treated as a child?

2. What does Gemmy spend a great deal of time telling Mr. Frazer about?

3. Who rescues Gemmy when he washes up on the shore?

4. What do Jock and Ellen begin talking about for the first time in many years?

5. Who do the settlers worry is visiting secretly Gemmy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the game that the children were playing before they found Gemmy on the beach

2. How does Ellen react to the changes in Jock?

3. Describe the attributes that make Mrs. Hutchence unique in the community

4. Why does George choose to study French in the afternoons?

5. What does Gemmy think bothers Jock McIvor most about his presence on their farm?

6. How does Janet initially interact with Gemmy once he is living with the McIvors?

7. How does Gemmy attempt to maintain his ties to the aborigines in this chapter?

8. Describe George's relationship with Mr. Robertson.

9. What does Comet River represent for the white settlers?

10. How does Andy come to discover Gemmy visits with the natives? How does he react?

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