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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gemmy chose to ignore Andy when he approaches him?
(a) He dislikes Andy and rarely speaks to him.
(b) He is fearful that Andy will tell Jock about the visit.
(c) He does not understand what Andy is saying to him.
(d) He knows he would not understand his visit with the natives.

2. What did the natives often tell stories about?
(a) The origins of their culture
(b) The white settlers who stole their land
(c) Gemmy's integration into their society
(d) Gemmy's transformation from a "fish" to a "boy"

3. What does Lachlan do that makes Janet feel insulted?
(a) He constantly talks about Scotland.
(b) He criticizes her appearance.
(c) He is unkind to her mother.
(d) He constantly talks about Australia.

4. What does Mrs. Hutchence hire George to do in this chapter?
(a) Build her a woodshed
(b) Move furniture
(c) Bring a large branch to her house
(d) Tutor Leona

5. What is George's impression of Leona?
(a) He immediately likes her.
(b) He is awestruck by her beauty.
(c) He is confused by her.
(d) He is put off by her manner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had all of the McIvors worked while in Scotland?

2. Who do the settlers worry is visiting secretly Gemmy?

3. How do many of the settlers react when they find out the natives visited Gemmy?

4. Which of Jock's neighbors delights in the scrutiny of the settlers about Gemmy's presence in the McIvor home?

5. What does Gemmy do to ensure that the natives will not desert him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the impact of Andy's story to the settlers about Gemmy's "visit"?

2. Why do the settlers come to visit Mrs. Hutchence's house?

3. Describe Gemmy's visit with the natives.

4. How does Janet initially interact with Gemmy once he is living with the McIvors?

5. What is Gemmy reminded of when he sees fire? How does this make him feel?

6. How does Gemmy move around the McIvors? How does this make the family feel? Why?

7. How does George act while talking to Leona? How does she react to him?

8. What is Andy's version of the meeting Gemmy has with the natives? What is incorrect about his version?

9. How does Jock react to Barney Mason's concerns about Gemmy? What is ironic about his reaction?

10. What does Jock do when the men confront him about Gemmy's visit with the natives?

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