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1. Describe the game that the children were playing before they found Gemmy on the beach

Lachlan developed a game where the children pretended they were wolf hunters. He based it on a story he read in school. He and the girls pretend that bugs are wolves and they stalk them.

2. Describe Gemmy's appearance when the children first come upon him

Gemmy is extremely thin and looks almost like an injured bird to the children. He has a piece of blue cloth hung around his waist, but wears no other clothes. His face is leathery and blackened though his hair is blond.

3. How does Lachlan act towards Gemmy while walking him back to the development? What does Lachlan pretend Gemmy is?

Lachlan is arrogant and aggressive towards Gemmy. He pushes him along the path with a stick that he pretends is a gun. Lachlan pretends that Gemmy is a prisoner that he is taking to jail.

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