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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Day 3, Morning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the state of Miss Kenton's marriage?
(a) It is stable
(b) She is a newlywed
(c) It is failing
(d) It has just ended

2. In what country does Mr. Stevens life?
(a) Germany
(b) United States
(c) France
(d) England

3. What does the doctor do after attending to the elder Mr. Stevens?
(a) Attends the French delegate who has a foot problem
(b) Plays golf with the delegates
(c) Has tea with Lord Darlington
(d) Writes out a bill

4. What does Mr. Faraday call Mr. Stevens when he learns of Mr. Stevens' plans to visit Miss Kenton?
(a) Hopeless Romantic
(b) Eternal Optimist
(c) Ladies Man
(d) Delusional Fool

5. To what does Stevens compare being asked about a former employer in the presence of a current one?
(a) A divorced woman with her current husband present
(b) Being caught shoplifting
(c) A student in the principal's office
(d) Being stopped by a police officer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stevens answer when asked if he had ever worked for Lord Darlington?

2. What does Stevens feel has happened to Lord Darlington's reputation?

3. What does Stevens tell his father after the accident?

4. Where has Mr. Stevens been employed for many years?

5. What does Stevens think about in the time before breakfast?

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