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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Corrie give the doctor instead of her handkerchief?
(a) Her garter
(b) A strand of her hair
(c) Money
(d) A kiss

2. What does Parsham teach Lucius to do in this chapter?
(a) Drive the mules of the buggy
(b) Shoot a gun
(c) Talk to women
(d) Play golf

3. How much does Otis demand for riding the horse?
(a) $10
(b) $20
(c) $5
(d) $30

4. What does Butch call Boon?
(a) Sugar boy
(b) Big man
(c) Pig
(d) Lover

5. What is the name of the boy who meets Boon and Ned in Parsham?
(a) Nelson
(b) Lycurgus
(c) Paul
(d) Johnny

Short Answer Questions

1. What had happened to Mr. Poleymus' wife the previous year?

2. Where does Corrie convince the wagon to stop?

3. What does Lucius need the doctor to look at?

4. What has been stolen from Minnie?

5. What does Lucius borrow from Mr. Parsham to travel into town?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the constable react to the fight between Butch and Boon?

2. In what way does the appearance of Grandfather give the story a sense of dread?

3. How does Chapter 9 express themes of deception and abuse of power?

4. Why does Ned question the officer for his arrest?

5. What does Corrie's character symbolize about women during the early 1900s in southern America?

6. What does Ned think Otis will do in Chapter 9?

7. Describe Otis.

8. What differences does Chapter 11 show between Butch and the constable?

9. What is Ned's plan in Chapter 10?

10. In what way does the content in this chapter show Lucius as still a child?

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