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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sam go to fetch a lawyer?
(a) Houston
(b) New Orleans
(c) Dallas
(d) Memphis

2. How can Lucius tell the difference between a bordello and a normal house?
(a) The noise from inside
(b) The number of people walking through the door
(c) The number of lights
(d) The number of women outside

3. What does Ned ask Lucius for at the end of the chapter?
(a) A bottle of water
(b) A gun
(c) Gum
(d) A tobacco sack

4. What is the constable's name?
(a) Mr. Poleymus
(b) Mr. Platypus
(c) Mr. Langley
(d) Mr. Garp

5. What had happened to Mr. Poleymus' wife the previous year?
(a) She was raped
(b) She was in a train accident
(c) She suffered a stroke
(d) She had a heart attack

6. What do Lucius and Ned use to travel to the pasture?
(a) A buggy
(b) A mule
(c) Roller skates
(d) A tractor

7. Where has Otis been found?
(a) At the racetrack
(b) At the bordello
(c) At the Parsham farm
(d) In a bar

8. What name does Corrie say she will now use in her new life?
(a) Rose
(b) Daisy
(c) Everbe
(d) Joanne

9. What does Parsham take Lucius to do after dinner?
(a) Fish
(b) Golf
(c) Ride a horse
(d) Hunt

10. Where does Ned tell Boon to take Corrie back to?
(a) The bordello
(b) The train
(c) The hotel
(d) The racetrack

11. Why does the policeman let the group pass?
(a) He is blind
(b) He knows Sam
(c) He is a client of Miss Reba's
(d) He knows Ned

12. Whose voice does Lucius hear in the yard when he wakes?
(a) His father's
(b) Ned's
(c) Boon's
(d) His grandfather's

13. Which two characters are arrested in this chapter?
(a) Otis and Boon
(b) Ned and Otis
(c) Ned and Miss Corrie
(d) Ned and Boon

14. What two characters arrive when Lucius wakes up?
(a) Otis and Corrie
(b) Sam and Boon
(c) Miss Reba and Mr. Binford
(d) Sam and Otis

15. Who does Parsham say he will take Lucius to see in the morning?
(a) Ned
(b) Boon
(c) Sam
(d) Otis

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Boon yell for Lucius to go and see?

2. What does the doctor ask for as payment?

3. How much does Otis demand for riding the horse?

4. What does Butch ask Lycurgus to bring him?

5. How much did Otis charge children to watch Miss Corrie?

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