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Jefferson, Mississippi - The hometown of Lucius Priest, Boon Hogganbeck, and Ned McCaslin, it symbolizes the rural South during the early 20th century.

The Livery - As the primary place of employment for many in the Priest and McCaslin family, it is the location where Ned learned his skills with horses, as well as where Lucius learned to ride.

Hell Creek Bottom - A swampy riverbed, kept moist by a local farmer to trap travelers. The farmer requires travelers to pay his mule plow to pull their vehicles from the muddy swamp. Ned, Boon, and Lucius find themselves stuck in the bottom, symbolizing the hardships they will face during their adventure to Memphis.

Iron Bridge - This symbolizes a point of no return for Lucius, Boon, and Ned. To cross it represents a crossing from rural Mississippi to urban Tennessee.

Jack - Mentioned by many in the...

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