The Reivers Character Descriptions

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Lucius Priest

He finds that he must learn to make his own decisions about the world around him, and about the characters of those he chooses to associate. While he originally blames the powers of Virtue and Morality for his decisions, he learns by the end of the novel that he must face up to and learn from his choices and mistakes.

Boon Hogganback

Though tough and often drunk, he proves to be faithful, brave, and highly unreliable. His actions toward Lucius throughout the novel are brotherly and kind, but his actions and behaviors toward others, such as Corrie, are abusive.

Ned McCaslin

A quiet, gentle man, he was married four times. Slightly balding, thin, and tall, he is treated with respect by the citizens of the town, but certainly knows of discrimination and racism.


Lucius, Ned, and Boon clearly respect him, but their desire to escape...

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