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Chapter 1

• Lucius Priest speaks to his grandson, recounting an event from his youth.

• One Saturday, he and his father, Maury Priest, are sitting in the office when 6-foot Boon Hogganback, one of the family's white retainers, leaps into the office.

• Boon asks Father if he will allow Boon to take the pistol so he can shoot Ludus. Father vehemently says no, and Boon runs out of the door.
• Boon runs from the stable with John's pistol in hand.

• Father tells John to call Sheriff Hampton, while he, Lucius, and Luster run to the Square to stop Boon.

• Father, Lucius, and Luster reach the square, but it is too late. Boon has already fired at Ludus five times, though each time he has missed.
• Sheriff Hampton tells Boon to buy the young woman he injured a new dress and a bag of candy, and to pay her father ten...

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