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Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Sassoon feel horror?

2. What is Anderson's problem?

3. Why does Rivers reassign Broadbent?

4. What happens to Prior at the opening to Chapter 6?

5. Who comes to visit at the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Sassoon's ultimate fate at the end of the book?

2. What does Rivers think about Anderson's vision of Rivers in one of Anderson's dreams?

3. What does Prior do when he sneaks off the hospital grounds?

4. What does Sarah's mother tell her about romance?

5. What does Prior describe to Rivers in Chapter 8?

6. Where does Rivers go on leave and why is that place there for him to visit?

7. In Chapter 4 what does Burns do when he leaves the hospital for part of a day?

8. What does the writer say in the letter and what consequences has he suffered as the result of the letter?

9. What is Anderson' s ultimate fate?

10. How does Rivers try to convince Sassoon to return to the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Regeneration is the first book in a trilogy involving Sassoon, Rivers and others. Discuss the following.

1. What are two advantages of writing several novels about the same characters? Use examples.

2. What are two disadvantages of writing a series of novels about the same characters? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

3. Do you prefer to read a stand-alone book, or a series of books with the same main characters? Explain your response.

4. Do you think it is easier or more difficult (or about the same) to write a stand-alone book versus one in a series? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss one of the following:

1. Compare/contrast Sassoon to Rivers. How are they alike? How are they different? Do you think their differences are mainly due to their different positions? Why or why not?

2. Compare/contrast Sasson to Prior. How are they alike? How are they different? How do their "world views" differ? Do you think the difference between their class affects who they are?

3. Compare/contrast Rivers to Yealland. How are they alike? How are they different? Who is more likeable? Approachable? Compassionate? Intellectual?

Essay Topic 3

After fighting in the war and winning a number of medals for valor, Sassoon has decided the war is pointless and the soldiers have no understanding of why they are fighting. He has decided to quit fighting.

1. Do you believe a government should be able to force a person to fight in a war? Why or why not? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

2. If a person volunteers for the military and then decides he/she does not want to be in the military do you think they should be able to quit just like any other job? Why or why not?

3. Do you think all citizens of a country should have to serve a mandatory two years in the military between the ages of 18 and 21? Explain in depth, your position. Use examples from the book to support your answer.

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