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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sassoon think about on the train?
(a) His last conversation with Graves.
(b) His mother's funeral.
(c) Going to the front next month.
(d) His brother's death.

2. How does Prior respond to Rivers' offer to hypnotize him?
(a) He is reluctant but agrees.
(b) He is quite anxious to have it done.
(c) He says he agrees but only if Rivers does not reveal anything to anyone else.
(d) He says no way.

3. What does Dr. Brock suggest to Dr. Rivers?
(a) That he should take more relaxation time.
(b) That he should leave Sassoon alone.
(c) That he should request reassignment.
(d) That he should resign.

4. What confuses Sarah Lumb?
(a) Why men from the hospital receive leave to bother the local girls.
(b) She is not confused, just angry.
(c) Why Lizzie is interested in the same man that Sarah is.
(d) Why Prior never returns to see her when they agreed to meet again.

5. Why does Prior apologize to Rivers?
(a) For insulting two nurses.
(b) He refuses to apologize.
(c) For telling Rivers he is incompetent.
(d) For his behavior when he was drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Prior at the opening to Chapter 6?

2. Why did Sassoon want a court-martial?

3. What does the letter Dr. Rivers is reading say?

4. Where is Prior when he first goes under hypnotism?

5. Who is Dr. Rivers interviewing at the opening to Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Prior describe to Rivers in Chapter 8?

2. What happens in Chapter 3 when Graves arrives at the hospital?

3. Who is suppose to go on the train with Sassoon and why doesn't he?

4. What does Rivers think about Anderson's vision of Rivers in one of Anderson's dreams?

5. What happens to Prior at the beginning of Chapter 7 and what does Prior have to say about it?

6. In Chapter 4 what does Burns do when he leaves the hospital for part of a day?

7. What does Prior continue to ask Rivers for and what does he show Rivers? What is Rivers' response?

8. Why is Prior at the hospital?

9. What does the writer say in the letter and what consequences has he suffered as the result of the letter?

10. How does Rivers try to convince Sassoon to return to the war?

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