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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where does Sassoon get his name?
(a) A poem by Schiller.
(b) His father's love of Wagner.
(c) His mother's love of Wagner.
(d) A poem by Keats.

2. Who does Prior see and realize he really likes?
(a) Madge.
(b) Jewel.
(c) Sarah.
(d) Lucy.

3. What does Rivers spend much time doing while at the chicken farm?
(a) Reading fiction.
(b) Cleaning out cages.
(c) Riding the one horse.
(d) Remembering his childhood.

4. Where were the "fathers" in the dedication?
(a) Poets.
(b) Crusaders.
(c) Demons.
(d) Jews.

5. How does Sarah's mother say a woman loves a man?
(a) In the way a flower loves a bee.
(b) Pathetically.
(c) With total absorption.
(d) In the way a tapeworm loves the gut.

6. Who did Siegfried's father "war"?
(a) A pigeon and a dove.
(b) Many enemy soldiers.
(c) Many a kestrel.
(d) Himself.

7. What does Sassoon tell Rivers Sassoon will be doing?
(a) Ask for a discharge.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Return to the front.
(d) He'll be dead.

8. What does Prior think about Sarah?
(a) That she is an attractive woman no matter what.
(b) That she is a temporary fling.
(c) That she is too good for him.
(d) That he is too good for her.

9. What does Sarah ask about at work?
(a) If any of the other women know Prior.
(b) Where Madge is.
(c) Advice about continuing to date Prior.
(d) If any of the other women know Dr. Rivers.

10. Who is Sassoon on his way to see at the end of Chapter 18?
(a) His former commanding officer.
(b) His parents.
(c) Bryce.
(d) A board of inquiry.

11. What had Sassoon revealed at some time in the past to Dr. Rivers?
(a) That he is either homosexual or has homosexual tendencies.
(b) That Prior came on to him.
(c) That his parents have disowned him.
(d) That Sassoon is impotent.

12. What does Sarah's mother think about the relationship between men and women?
(a) That it is the strongest bond there is.
(b) She has no opinion on the matter.
(c) That men and women are made to learn to love over time.
(d) That love cannot exist between men and women.

13. Where does Henry Head offer a job to Dr. Rivers?
(a) Central Hospital at Hampstead.
(b) Central Hospital at Newarington.
(c) Psychiatric hospital in Offingham.
(d) He has not offered Rivers a job.

14. Why does Prior want to return to the war?
(a) He does not want to return.
(b) To pay back the enemy.
(c) To bolster his chances in future politics.
(d) To regain his memories completely.

15. What does Sarah's mother think Prior wants with Sarah?
(a) A handhold to sanity.
(b) For a wife.
(c) A shoulder to cry on.
(d) Just sex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What classes did Rivers' father used to teach?

2. What does Sarah's mother think of Sarah falling in love with Prior?

3. To whom is Sarah talking to at the opening to Chapter 17?

4. What does Dr. Rivers' brother contract in the East?

5. What is wrong with the women who work in the munitions factories?

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