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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Sassoon revealed at some time in the past to Dr. Rivers?
(a) That Sassoon is impotent.
(b) That Prior came on to him.
(c) That his parents have disowned him.
(d) That he is either homosexual or has homosexual tendencies.

2. What do Owens and Sassoon do?
(a) Have a couple prostitutes to entertain them.
(b) Write a poem about Craiglockhart.
(c) Get drunk.
(d) Smoke opium.

3. How does Sarah reassure Prior?
(a) By saying that she understands the pressures he is under.
(b) By saying that she has a brother at another hospital like Craiglockhart.
(c) By saying that none of the patients wear their Craiglockhart badges while in town.
(d) By saying she does not care why he is at Craiglockhart.

4. What does Sassoon believe about one of Owen's poems?
(a) It is ready to be published nationally.
(b) It is rather mediocre.
(c) Its rhythm is uneven.
(d) Its subject matter is dull.

5. Where do Owen and Sassoon meet?
(a) The Conservative Club.
(b) The pub in a nearby town.
(c) The basement of Craiglockhart.
(d) The forest near Craiglockhart.

6. Where were the "fathers" in the dedication?
(a) Demons.
(b) Crusaders.
(c) Poets.
(d) Jews.

7. What does Sarah's mother think of Sarah falling in love with Prior?
(a) That Sarah is a fool.
(b) That Sarah is confused.
(c) That Sarah is wise.
(d) That it is an opportunity if she can get him to marry her.

8. What does Sassoon do?
(a) Gets a girl pregnant.
(b) Sits for a court martial for insubordination.
(c) Kills himself.
(d) Leaves the hospital.

9. Of what does Owen say his poem is symbolic?
(a) Dr. Brock's view of the patients at Craiglockhart.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The reasons for the start of the war.
(d) The prince whose assassination starts the war.

10. To whom is Sarah talking to at the opening to Chapter 17?
(a) Prior.
(b) Lissel.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Maude.

11. What classes did Rivers' father used to teach?
(a) Philosophy.
(b) Physics.
(c) Carpentry.
(d) Speech therapy.

12. Why is Charles Rivers' cat morose?
(a) The cat is declawed to protect the chickens.
(b) It is not morose.
(c) From living on a farm full of birds the cat is not allowed to kill.
(d) There are three dogs to the one cat.

13. Who does Sassoon meet at a bar?
(a) Graves.
(b) Anderson.
(c) Dr. Rivers.
(d) Owen.

14. What does Owen feel when leaving Sassoon?
(a) Revulsion.
(b) A great sense of loss.
(c) Relief.
(d) Anger.

15. What is wrong with the women who work in the munitions factories?
(a) They are losing their eyesight.
(b) They have a slight tremor.
(c) They have breathing problems.
(d) They all have a yellow tint to their skin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Madge's unborn baby?

2. How is Dr. Yealland's bedside manner?

3. To what does Willard attribute what happens to him?

4. About whom does Prior make a derogatory comment?

5. What is a first for Sarah and Prior?

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