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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Prior want of Dr. Rivers?
(a) An assignment to a private room.
(b) Discharge.
(c) For Rivers to talk with Prior's father.
(d) To be hypnotized.

2. What do most of the people believe who read Sassoon's Declaration?
(a) That it is treasonous.
(b) That it is the ravings of a man in the throes of a breakdown.
(c) That it has some good arguments.
(d) That it is written by someone besides Sassoon.

3. What does Prior ask of Dr. Rivers again?
(a) For release to go back to the front.
(b) For a discharge.
(c) For a pass to go home for a few days.
(d) For hypnosis.

4. What do the poems Graves leaves with Rivers talk about?
(a) The look of spring in France.
(b) Sassoon's feelings on the war.
(c) How to keep a woman loving you.
(d) The way the army uses young kids.

5. Where does Dr. Rivers work?
(a) Hazelton Asylum.
(b) Craighlockhart.
(c) Newington Field.
(d) Castlewood Army Base.

6. How does Prior appear at the opening of Chapter 8?
(a) Energetic.
(b) Belligerent.
(c) Worn thin.
(d) Healthy and alert.

7. Who does Prior insult in a drunken state?
(a) His father.
(b) Anderson.
(c) The hospital matron.
(d) Rivers.

8. What does Head to to Rivers in Dr. Rivers' dream?
(a) Pokes him in the arm with a needle.
(b) Turns him into a vampire.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Shows him what is wrong with each man at the hospital.

9. What did Sassoon do with the answer to question #8?
(a) Gave it to his girlfriend.
(b) Threw it in the river.
(c) Left it on his dresser at home.
(d) Threw it at a German soldier.

10. What happens to Burns at the mess hall?
(a) He is attacked by another patient.
(b) Nothing happens.
(c) He gets sick.
(d) He falls asleep and his face falls in his food.

11. What does Rivers think Sassoon might be experiencing?
(a) A religious conversion.
(b) Too much fear.
(c) A mid-life crisis.
(d) Some distress.

12. What does Sassoon think about on the train?
(a) His mother's funeral.
(b) Going to the front next month.
(c) His last conversation with Graves.
(d) His brother's death.

13. What does the letter Dr. Rivers is reading say?
(a) His sister is sick.
(b) He is being moved to a the hospital.
(c) He is receiving another patient.
(d) The writer will no longer fight in the war.

14. Why doesn't Dr. Rivers think Prior should smoke?
(a) It sets a bad example for the enlisted men.
(b) The doctor is afraid for Prior to have matches in his state of mind.
(c) Prior has asthma.
(d) It smells bad.

15. Why does Rivers reassign Broadbent?
(a) So Rivers does not have to deal with the man.
(b) Because Broadbent's family has a great deal of influence.
(c) Because Broadbent is so deranged.
(d) Because Craiglockhart is full.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Wilfred Owen?

2. What is missing from Sassoon's uniform?

3. Who is delusional?

4. What happens to Prior at the opening to Chapter 6?

5. Where does Prior go?

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