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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Sassoon feel horror?
(a) The mustard gas.
(b) Having to sleep inside.
(c) Being a coward.
(d) The slaughter on the fields.

2. About what does Dr. Rivers taunt Sassoon?
(a) How safe he is at the hospital.
(b) His father's reputation as a traitor.
(c) His brother's reputation as a traitor.
(d) His mother's adulterous affair.

3. Into what does Dr. Rivers get some insight?
(a) Prior's earlier life.
(b) The way the mind can fool itself.
(c) Burns' earlier life.
(d) The way hypnotism can be inaccurate.

4. How does Dr. Rivers feel about the declaration from Sassoon?
(a) It is illegal.
(b) It is illogical.
(c) It is delusional.
(d) It is misguided.

5. Who comes to visit at the hospital?
(a) Sassoon's father.
(b) Burns's mother.
(c) Dr. River's parents.
(d) Prior's parents.

6. How does Prior appear at the opening of Chapter 8?
(a) Energetic.
(b) Belligerent.
(c) Worn thin.
(d) Healthy and alert.

7. Where does Dr. Rivers work?
(a) Newington Field.
(b) Hazelton Asylum.
(c) Castlewood Army Base.
(d) Craighlockhart.

8. What causes Anderson to almost beat his golfing partner?
(a) The partner beats Anderson at the 17th hole.
(b) The partner cheats by moving Anderson's ball.
(c) The partner insults Anderson's commanding officer.
(d) The partner insults Anderson's mother.

9. What does Sassoon notice about the taxi driver?
(a) It is a woman.
(b) He is wearing a uniform.
(c) He looks sick.
(d) He is staring at him in the mirror.

10. What does Rivers think Sassoon might be experiencing?
(a) Too much fear.
(b) A mid-life crisis.
(c) Some distress.
(d) A religious conversion.

11. Who is Broadbent?
(a) A new patient at the hospital.
(b) A new doctor at the hospital.
(c) The new hospital administrator.
(d) A new nurse.

12. What do most of the people believe who read Sassoon's Declaration?
(a) That it is written by someone besides Sassoon.
(b) That it is treasonous.
(c) That it is the ravings of a man in the throes of a breakdown.
(d) That it has some good arguments.

13. What does Sassoon think about on the train?
(a) Going to the front next month.
(b) His mother's funeral.
(c) His last conversation with Graves.
(d) His brother's death.

14. What happens to Burns at the mess hall?
(a) He is attacked by another patient.
(b) He gets sick.
(c) He falls asleep and his face falls in his food.
(d) Nothing happens.

15. What does Rivers say when Sassoon asks if he is crazy?
(a) He probably is.
(b) That as far as he can tell Sassoon is sane.
(c) He doesn't answer the question.
(d) He doesn't have enough information.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Burns sit naked?

2. What times does Burns return to the hospital?

3. Why does Prior apologize to Rivers?

4. Who wrote the letter Dr. Rivers is reading at the beginning of Chapter 1?

5. Who does Dr. Rivers see after supper?

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