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Craiglockhart - This is a hospital in Scotland were the British military send their soldiers who suffer mental breakdowns and are no longer fit for duty.

The Front - This is the foremost line of the battlefield. It is not so much a specific place, as an event that moves with the tides of battle.

The National Hospital - This is where Dr. Yealland performs his horrifying electro-shock therapy on his patients.

France - This is a country in Western Europe. In this story, the main front is here.

Madness - This is the enemy that the men at Craiglockhart must face.

Neurasthenia - This is a form of war neurosis more commonly known as shell-shock.

Electro-shock Therapy - This is the treatment of various mental illnesses by electrocuting the patient.

Freudian Psychology - Dr. Rivers was greatly influenced by this way of treating patients. While he...

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