Regeneration Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Siegfried Sassoon - He is a British soldier during World War I. He signs up to do his duty for his country as soon as the war starts.

Dr. Rivers - He is an army captain and a practicing psychiatrist at Craighlockhart and is responsible for Sassoon's treatment.

Robert Graves - He is a fellow soldier and friend of Sassoon's.

Langdon - He is the head of the Medical Board that sends Sassoon to Craiglockhart.

Anderson - He is a patient of Dr. Rivers in Craiglockhart. He was a war surgeon but suffered a mental breakdown and becomes ill at the sight of blood.

Burns - He is a patient at Craiglockhart. During the war, he is thrown into the air by an explosion. When he lands, he does so head first into the gas-filled, rotten torso of a German corpse.

Bryce - He is Dr. Rivers'...

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