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Part 1, Chapter 1-3

• Dr. Rivers, a psychiatrist reads a letter by S. Sassoon entitled "Finished with the War a Soldier's Declaration."

• Sassoon stays he will no longer fight in the war and explains why.

• Because of the letter, Sassoon has been diagnosed with shell-shock and sent to Craiglockhart.

• Robert Graves, a friend, was going to ride with him to Craiglockhart but he misses the train, and Sassoon goes alone.
• Sassoon thinks the taxi driver is looking at him and he feels his chest where he once had a medal for valor which he threw in the river.

• Dr. Rivers feels the letter from Sassoon may be misguided, but is not deluded or illogical.

• He does believe Sassoon throwing away his medal indicates that there is some distress.

• Rivers watches Sassoon approach the hospital, pause for a moment, wrestling with his fear and run up the steps.
• Rivers feels...

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