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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sontag claims that American journalists have always followed one tacit prohibition. What have American journalists always avoided?
(a) Printing images of suffering women and children.
(b) Printing images of the faces of American dead.
(c) Printing images of American-committed war crimes.
(d) Printing images of mass American casualties.

2. The West had a long tradition of viewing war as which of the following?
(a) Necessary.
(b) Spectacle.
(c) Honorable.
(d) Atrocity.

3. Sontag references an agreement in which the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan came together to renounce war. What is the name of this agreement?
(a) Kellogg-Briad Pact of 1928.
(b) The Treaty of Versailles.
(c) The Treaty of Brandenburg.
(d) The Non-Aggression Pact of 1937.

4. Sontag claims that "good taste" is always _________ when invoked by institutions.
(a) A decision made in the interest of freedom.
(b) A repressive standard.
(c) A measure to protect the public.
(d) A way to maintain appearances.

5. Sontag argues that which of the following effects keeps the television viewer's attention "light", "mobile" and fairly "indifferent" to the images on the screen?
(a) Advertising.
(b) Overload.
(c) Image-glut.
(d) Media coverage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sontag lists many effects of photographs depicting war victims. Which of the following was not one of the effects she lists?

2. The media may inform the public of war crimes and atrocities, but often fails to capture the:

3. According to Sontag, the idea that less people are reacting to news of atrocity is probably which of the following?

4. Audiences may question the veracity of photographs because:

5. Paraphrasing Woolf, Sontag states that the privileged class fails to respond to images of war with the appropriate pain. She describes this as a:

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