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Bataille's Photograph - This object depicts "the death of a hundred cuts," an execution method in which the prisoner is dismembered alive.

Krieg dem Krieg - Ernst Friedrich depicts of the horrors of World War I in this work.

Newspapers - This is a type of media governed by standards for decency and rarely represents images of mass casualty.

Tabloids - This is a type of media likely to depict graphic scenes of suffering.

Vietnam - This was the first site of extended, modern journalism.

Concentration Camps - Sontag argues that the infamous images of these places sanitize the representation of atrocities by depicting them empty and out of use.

European Western Front, 1914 - The mass casualties of this place could only be represented through early war photography.

World Trade Center - Sontag uses this place as a contemporary example of atrocity photography.

Bosnia - This place...

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