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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flower did Terry pick for her mother near Brighton?
(a) A columbine.
(b) A sego lily.
(c) An ice rose.
(d) A glacier lily.

2. What did Terry do to keep the magpies from bothering her?
(a) Got ear plugs.
(b) Got the birds to leave.
(c) Blocked out the sound.
(d) Gave into her natural cycle.

3. How did the thing Terry cooked for Hank's birthday turn out?
(a) Burnt.
(b) Wonderful.
(c) Raw.
(d) Terrible.

4. What is unique about the curlews near the Golden Spike?
(a) They have reverse migratory habits.
(b) They are the smallest shorebirds in North America.
(c) They have adapted to all habitats.
(d) They are the largest shorebirds in North America.

5. What did Terry say happened to her as her mother died of cancer?
(a) Part of her died too.
(b) Her fear grew.
(c) She took in part of Diane.
(d) She got stronger.

6. How many pounds did Diane lose after her second intestinal surgery?
(a) 20 pounds.
(b) 5 pounds.
(c) 10 pounds.
(d) 15 pounds.

7. What did Terry realize while at the Abbey?
(a) She was sick.
(b) It was time to let go.
(c) Her husband needed her love.
(d) She loved her mother.

8. To whom did Terry say the Bear River belonged?
(a) The animals.
(b) Her heart.
(c) God.
(d) The birds.

9. What did the LDS church pray for on May 5, 1986?
(a) For the rain to stop.
(b) For the war to end.
(c) For the lake levels to drop.
(d) For the drought to end.

10. Why did Diane not answer the door when Terry came over after being awakened by a bird?
(a) She didn't hear the knock.
(b) She was too weak.
(c) She was sleeping.
(d) She was mad at Terry.

11. Where did Terry go while Mimi's cancer was treated?
(a) The museum.
(b) The temple.
(c) The lake.
(d) The refuge.

12. What was Diane tired of after her second intestinal surgery?
(a) Family drama.
(b) Medication.
(c) Physical torment.
(d) Being the center of attention.

13. Who wrote, "The Courtship Habits of the Great Crested Grebe"?
(a) Julian Huxley.
(b) Jorge Harmon.
(c) James Hunley.
(d) John Hughes.

14. What did the magpie flock keep Terry from doing?
(a) Eating.
(b) Teaching.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Concentrating.

15. What kind of geese is used as a chapter title in this book?
(a) Canada Geese.
(b) Greyback Geese.
(c) Black Geese.
(d) Northern Atlantic Geese.

Short Answer Questions

1. What age was the group Terry took on a Native American excursion?

2. What was wrong while Terry was on a Native American excursion?

3. What did Diane give Terry as a housewarming gift when she moved to Emigration Canyon Road?

4. Who paved Emigration Canyon Road?

5. What was given to Diane in an IV to give her a few extra months?

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