Daily Lessons for Teaching Rees Howells: Intercessor

Norman Grubb
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Lesson 1 (from Foreword | Early Years)


Foreword | Early Years

In the Foreword of this book, the author, Norman Grubb, establishes for the reader how this biography came together. In the proceeding chapter, Grubb provides details of the subject's early life, giving the reader a glimpse into how Rees Howells' life as an intercessor was shaped early on. This lesson focuses on biography writing and the treatment of the subject's early life.


1) Small Groups or Pairs Discussion: A biographer tells the story of a person's life. A good biographer stays as close to the documented evidence about his subject as possible, carefully researching and collecting documents from primary sources. In this biography, Grubb describes the collaborative effort that helped create this biography of Rees Howells' life as an intercessor. Who is Grubb? How is he qualified (professionally and personally) to write about this person's life? Why is Grubb writing this person's biography...

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