Rees Howells: Intercessor Fun Activities

Norman Grubb
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Team Spirit!

Let's try this collaborative writing concept. Break class into groups of 5 or more. Have one person designated as the subject of the biography and one as the biographer. Have the rest of the students ask questions of the subject and take notes, then confer with the biographer to create a few paragraphs about the subject. Have fun reading the creations to the class, and have each subject respond on the accuracy of their brief "bio."

Shop Clerk

Rees' father opens a shoe shop in the local village and gets out of the mine and the mill. Create a marketing campaign for Mr. Howell's shop to bring in customers and announce his available product.

Spiritual Retreat

Rees goes to the Llandrindod Convention for spiritual improvement. If you could plan the agenda for one day of a spiritual retreat, what would it be like? In small groups write...

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