Rees Howells: Intercessor Character Descriptions

Norman Grubb
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Rees Howells

This person is troubled by a question posed by a cousin.

Elizabeth Hannah Jones

This person leads revivals in Africa, and is also from Brynamman.

Samuel Howells

The assistant director of the bible college, whose name changed when he became director.

Thomas Howells

This person owned a shop and worked in the local mine, as well as the mill.

Margaret Howells

This person struggled to accept the spiritual choices made by one of her eleven children.

Evan Lewis

This person tells the story of his sister's conversion to try and help someone else understand what it means to be born again.

Professor Henry Drummond

This person authored Natural Law in the Spiritual World.

Maurice Reuben

This rich person's testimony greatly affected those who heard it.

Rev. Evan Hopkins

This person describes the Holy Spirit during a convention.

Will Battery

This person received the gift of salvation...

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