Rees Howells: Intercessor Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Norman Grubb
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Foreword | Early Years

• The foreword is written by the author, providing a look into the relationship between the author and Rees Howells.

• Rees Howells is born in South Wales to a family of eleven children, struggling with a small income his father makes working in local coal mine and iron works.

• Rees' life strongly conveys his consciousness of God, as his life is influenced by his family and men from Bible stories.

• Built on love and godliness, Rees' life is dedicated to pleasing God, as reflected in his turning away from popular pursuits and his ability to affect so many people.

Two Shocks | Meeting the Risen Lord

• Rees Howells comes to America, New Castle, Pennsylvania to be exact; the same place to which his cousin Evan Lewis previously immigrated.

• Rees is unsettled when his cousin asks him is he is "born again."

• Moving away from his cousin and...

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