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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Christmas Eve dinner guests retire to while Triton clears the table?

2. How does young Triton feel about the sea?

3. Mr. Salgado announces to Triton that they are going to England so he can do what?

4. As Mr. Salgado drives the Land-Rover to the observatory, what does he almost hit?

5. What changes does Miss Nili's presence create in Mr. Salgado?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Nili?

2. How does Triton feel about the sea?

3. How does Mr. Salgado's personality change after Nili moves into the house?

4. Despite his misgivings, Mr. Salgado accepts the job offered to him by his friend, Mr. Dias Liyanage. How does this affect Triton?

5. How does Triton grow and evolve from "Part I, Kolla" to "Part II, Cook's Joy" in Reef?

6. When his friend, Mr. Dias Liyanage, offers Mr. Salgado a job with a foundation interested in the coral business, why is Mr. Salgado reluctant to take this job?

7. Problems start to appear in the relationship between Miss Nili and Mr. Salgado, and she's in a very bad mood right before a poker party. What does she do during the party, and how does Mr. Salgado react?

8. What does Mr. Salgado do on Christmas Eve?

9. Why is the death of Sri Lanka's "most flamboyant millionaire" a hot topic of conversation among Mr. Salgado, Miss Nili, and their circle of friends?

10. Explain how the ocean is used as a significant symbol in "Part III, A Thousand Fingers".

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the transformation these characters experience from the start to the end of Triton's story. Include how, exactly, they evolve and which major factors trigger their growth and changes:

1. Triton.

2. Mr. Salgado.

3. Miss Nili.

Essay Topic 2

Through young Triton's eyes, the reader views his world as filled with promise. At some point, though, the fabric that connects his life with those around him starts to unravel. Discuss in detail when and how a sense of unraveling commences in the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

Referring to specific passages from the book, explain the commentary the author makes regarding each of the following:

1. Human flaws.

2. Human resilience.

3. The persistence of hopes and dreams.

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