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Short Answer Questions

1. Once inside the office, what does the narrator ask the cashier?

2. The cashier experiences technical difficulties with what?

3. At night, what does young Triton dream of?

4. Does the cashier understand the suggestions the narrator gives him in a Sri Lankan language?

5. Although Mr. Salgado goes to the best schools in Colombo, he considers himself what?

Short Essay Questions

1. When he is a boy, why does Triton regard Mr. Salgado's house as the "center of the universe"?

2. What does the London cashier say about the situation back home in Sri Lanka?

3. When Mr. Salgado leaves for a weekend trip to his cousin's tea estate, what additional responsibilities does he give Triton?

4. At the start of the story, who does the narrator speak with?

5. Describe the relationship between Triton and Mr. Salgado.

6. The narrator speaks with a gas station cashier. How experienced is the cashier with his job?

7. Through which character does the author choose to reveal the changing sociopolitical landscape of Sri Lanka across many decades?

8. Why does Triton often seek refuge in Lucy-amma's kitchen?

9. What happens in 1962, when Triton's narration begins?

10. Where does this story begin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Triton's earlier years in Sri Lanka and his later years in England.

1. How does he recreate some of his Sri Lankan existence in England?

2. How does he free himself from the ghosts of his past?

Essay Topic 2

Explain, in detail, why the following minor characters are important to the development of the story. What does each one contribute to the narrative?

1. Joseph.

2. Lucy-amma.

3. Wijetunga.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Triton, the narrator, with Mr. Salgado, the main character. Explain their differences and similarities. How does the reader view the world through the lens of the narrator? How does the narrator become one of the story's main characters?

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