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Short Answer Questions

1. The haberdasher who stops by Mr. Salgado's house on Thursdays is one of the what who stops by regularly?

2. How does Triton try to protect himself from Joseph when he's left alone with him in the house?

3. When Joseph is in Mr. Salgado's room, what does he do when Triton finds him there?

4. Does the cashier understand the suggestions the narrator gives him in a Sri Lankan language?

5. In response to the intrusion upon the conversation between him and the narrator, what does the cashier do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Despite Mr. Salgado's lack of interest in running a restaurant, how does he go into business with Triton after purchasing a Volkswagen?

2. What does Mr. Salgado do on Christmas Eve?

3. How does Triton feel about Mr. Salgado leaving London to return to Nili?

4. What dreams do Mr. Salgado and Triton leave behind in Sri Lanka after moving to England?

5. What brings Mr. Salgado and Triton to London?

6. After Miss Nili quits her job at The Sea Hopper Hotel, she spends much more time with Mr. Salgado. In what ways does he become more like her during this phase?

7. Explain how at the end of the story, the novel comes full circle.

8. At the start of the story, how does the narrator try to help the cashier?

9. Why does the gas station cashier want the narrator to speak with his boss?

10. Where does this story begin?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe the relationship between Miss Nili and Triton. How does she try to help him? How does Triton respond? Does he have a secret crush on her? Why or why not? How do his thoughts about her evolve as he grows?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Triton, the narrator, with Mr. Salgado, the main character. Explain their differences and similarities. How does the reader view the world through the lens of the narrator? How does the narrator become one of the story's main characters?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the tragic romance between Miss Nili and Mr. Salgado. Discuss the main stages of their relationship. What draws them together? What tears them apart? How is redemption found in the end?

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