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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Nili do after she and Mr. Salgado return from the inauguration party?
(a) Prepares coffee for everyone.
(b) Plays sultry music.
(c) Sits on the sofa and cries.
(d) Takes a walk along the beach.

2. How does Triton change after Nili joins the household?
(a) He becomes quiet and moody.
(b) He cooks meals that impress her.
(c) He spends more time with her than with Mr. Salgado.
(d) He decides to grow a flower garden for her.

3. Who is Wijetunga?
(a) Mr. Salgado's next-door neighbor.
(b) Triton's youngest brother.
(c) Mr. Salgado's assistant at the observatory.
(d) Triton's father.

4. At the poker party, Mr. Salgado can't eat and drinks too much beer because he's worried about what?
(a) Why Triton wants to quit.
(b) Where Nili is and what she's doing.
(c) Whether or not his project is getting funded.
(d) The fast-approaching hurricane.

5. Why is Wijetunga dismayed when Triton tell hims that Miss Nili runs a hotel?
(a) He believes tourists ruin their country.
(b) He used to date Miss Nili and does not want to hear about her.
(c) He once has a terrible accident at a hotel.
(d) He believes women should not work in business.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the guests react to the meal Triton prepares for Christmas Eve?

2. When Triton takes towels to Miss Nili's and Mr. Salgado's room, what does he accidentally see?

3. How does Mr. Salgado treat Robert and the journalist?

4. When the Christmas Eve dinner guests start to leave, what does Mr. Salgado tell Triton to do?

5. After their near accident on the drive to the observatory, Mr. Salgado, his friend, and Triton stop by a temple for what?

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