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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Palitha Aluthgoda, a prominent figure who is assassinated?
(a) An arrogant television star.
(b) Mr. Salgado's former professor.
(c) A popular, wealthy businessman.
(d) Triton's uncle.

2. Triton recalls a time when he is making lasagna and Nili tells him that ___.
(a) He reminds her of a childhood friend.
(b) He doesn't belong there.
(c) He's preparing it all wrong.
(d) She thinks he's cute.

3. At the poker party, Mr. Salgado can't eat and drinks too much beer because he's worried about what?
(a) The fast-approaching hurricane.
(b) Whether or not his project is getting funded.
(c) Where Nili is and what she's doing.
(d) Why Triton wants to quit.

4. What is the Mahaweli Scheme?
(a) A reef protection initiative.
(b) An inland irrigation project.
(c) An extensive food cooperative.
(d) A child protection plan.

5. Why does Triton wish Miss Nili would come by the house more often?
(a) He likes how she smells of jasmine blossoms.
(b) She has a good effect on Mr. Salgado.
(c) She brings him news of his family.
(d) She always tips him after he serves dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Christmas Eve dinner guests retire to while Triton clears the table?

2. When Triton goes back to the kitchen as holiday dinner guests start to leave, how does he feel?

3. When Robert brings by a journalist to see Mr. Salgado, Miss Nili greets them wearing what?

4. On the morning of the poker party, Nili is in a bad mood and won't ___.

5. What does Miss Nili do a few days after the Christmas Eve party?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Triton's experience at the Christmas Eve dinner.

2. When his friend, Mr. Dias Liyanage, offers Mr. Salgado a job with a foundation interested in the coral business, why is Mr. Salgado reluctant to take this job?

3. Describe Nili's reaction when she accompanies Triton to the fish market.

4. For Christmas, what does Mr. Salgado do for the first time since Triton came to work for him?

5. How does Triton feel about the sea?

6. How does Mr. Salgado's personality change after Nili moves into the house?

7. What does Mr. Salgado do on Christmas Eve?

8. How does Triton prepare for Nili's move to Mr. Salgado's house?

9. What gift does Nili bring Triton on Christmas Eve after the dinner party?

10. How does the relationship between Mr. Salgado and Miss Nili change after the Christmas Eve party?

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