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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What about Mr. Salgado captivates young Triton when they first meet?
(a) His unusual glasses.
(b) His colorful shirts.
(c) His ever-present smile.
(d) His gentle voice.

2. What is the narrator doing as the story opens?
(a) Filling the tank of his car.
(b) Painting his car.
(c) Washing his car.
(d) Replacing the battery of his car.

3. How long has the cashier been out of Sri Lanka?
(a) Fairly recently.
(b) A year and a half.
(c) Seven years ago.
(d) A decade.

4. Why does the cashier turn off the outside lights?
(a) So the monthly electric bill won't be as high.
(b) So he can take a ten-minute smoking break.
(c) To keep customers away while the problem is being resolved.
(d) To close early and go home to his family.

5. What do Triton, Mr. Salgado, and others in the neighborhood hear coming from house number eight?
(a) Loud music.
(b) Piercing screams.
(c) Beautiful singing.
(d) Terrible howl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Meticulous when it comes to creating lists, what does the narrator log after servicing his car?

2. The cashier experiences technical difficulties with what?

3. What is the cashier's immigration status?

4. How old is Triton when he goes to work for Mr. Salgado?

5. What is Triton worried about, regarding being under Joseph's rule?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the tension that exists between Mr. Salgado and the journalist who comes to ask him questions about sea erosion.

2. What happens after Mr. Salgado accuses Miss Nili of sleeping with Robert?

3. How does Triton feel about Mr. Salgado leaving London to return to Nili?

4. How does Triton grow and evolve from "Part I, Kolla" to "Part II, Cook's Joy" in Reef?

5. Describe Triton's and Mr. Salgado's first months in London.

6. Despite his misgivings, Mr. Salgado accepts the job offered to him by his friend, Mr. Dias Liyanage. How does this affect Triton?

7. Explain how the ocean is used as a significant symbol in "Part III, A Thousand Fingers".

8. Explain how at the end of the story, the novel comes full circle.

9. When the cashier asks the narrator if he lives close by, what does the man reply?

10. Why does the gas station cashier want the narrator to speak with his boss?

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