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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At night, what does young Triton dream of?
(a) Revenge against Joseph.
(b) Going to the beach with the neighbor girl.
(c) Revenge against Mr. Salgado.
(d) Going back to his family.

2. What does the individual who approaches the cashier and narrator begin to do?
(a) Calls their names.
(b) Laughs out loud.
(c) Cries loudly.
(d) Hammers at the window.

3. One night, Triton dreams that there is a demon in the house, and in the morning he oversleeps. What does he tell Mr. Salgado that morning?
(a) The raging storm outside keeps Triton up all night.
(b) Triton fears the house may be haunted.
(c) Joseph steals Mr. Salgado's best wine the night before.
(d) Someone tries to break in, but Triton chases him away.

4. Why does the cashier want the narrator to use his phone?
(a) To call his landlady.
(b) To speak with his boss.
(c) To show him how to use the phone.
(d) To call the police.

5. In what language does the narrator try to speak to the cashier?
(a) Spanish.
(b) Sinhala.
(c) Swahili.
(d) Swedish.

Short Answer Questions

1. After recording information about his car, what does the narrator do?

2. The cashier says his Sri Lankan home is near what city?

3. The cashier experiences technical difficulties with what?

4. Why does Triton run away from home?

5. When it starts to rain, Triton hopes that Joseph ____.

Short Essay Questions

1. The narrator speaks with a gas station cashier. How experienced is the cashier with his job?

2. In the opening scene, what kind of trouble does the cashier experience?

3. When Mr. Salgado leaves for a weekend trip to his cousin's tea estate, what additional responsibilities does he give Triton?

4. What happens in 1962, when Triton's narration begins?

5. Describe the relationship between Triton and Mr. Salgado.

6. Why does Triton often seek refuge in Lucy-amma's kitchen?

7. At the start of the story, how does the narrator try to help the cashier?

8. When the cashier asks the narrator if he lives close by, what does the man reply?

9. When he is a boy, why does Triton regard Mr. Salgado's house as the "center of the universe"?

10. What does Triton do right after he fills up the tank of his old Volkswagen?

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