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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the narrator doing as the story opens?
(a) Replacing the battery of his car.
(b) Filling the tank of his car.
(c) Washing his car.
(d) Painting his car.

2. In the story, who is Joseph?
(a) Merchant.
(b) Servant.
(c) Chauffeur.
(d) Singer.

3. How long is the gas station cashier on the job?
(a) Ten days.
(b) One month.
(c) It's his first night.
(d) It's the end of his first week.

4. What does Mr. Salgado's house represent to Triton when he is a boy?
(a) A magical place to explore and enjoy.
(b) Center of the universe.
(c) A beautiful prison.
(d) Home away from home.

5. Who is Lucy-amma?
(a) The old cook-woman.
(b) The neighborhood matchmaker.
(c) The young girl next door.
(d) The local school teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. The cashier tells the narrator that he, too, has a:

2. What do Triton, Mr. Salgado, and others in the neighborhood hear coming from house number eight?

3. Why does Triton run away from home?

4. How far away is Sri Lanka from England?

5. How old is Triton when he goes to work for Mr. Salgado?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the gas station cashier want the narrator to speak with his boss?

2. In "Part 1, Kolla", why is Triton left alone in Mr. Salgado's house?

3. Who is the narrator of the story?

4. Why does Triton often seek refuge in Lucy-amma's kitchen?

5. What happens in 1962, when Triton's narration begins?

6. Where does this story begin?

7. The narrator speaks with a gas station cashier. How experienced is the cashier with his job?

8. During their first meeting, how does Triton reply when Mr. Salgado asks if he's been to school?

9. Through which character does the author choose to reveal the changing sociopolitical landscape of Sri Lanka across many decades?

10. In the opening scene, what kind of trouble does the cashier experience?

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