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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mr. Salgado feel whenever Miss Nili is not around?
(a) Back to normal.
(b) Preoccupied with her.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Horrendously depressed.

2. Why is Triton worried about having to move Mr. Salgado's shoes to the spare room?
(a) There is very little space there for them.
(b) He has an irrational fear of shoes.
(c) He's afraid of mixing them up.
(d) He doesn't want to damage them.

3. What does Triton serve the Christmas Eve dinner guests for dessert?
(a) Coconut cream pie.
(b) Pumpkin pie.
(c) Christmas cookies.
(d) Christmas pudding.

4. What do Robert and the journalist want to know when they stop by to visit Mr. Salgado?
(a) How the project to convert the ocean's energy into electricity is coming along.
(b) How quickly the reef is deteriorating.
(c) How much it costs to build a protective seawall.
(d) How the coastal village lifestyle is changing due to sea erosion.

5. Why is Wijetunga dismayed when Triton tell hims that Miss Nili runs a hotel?
(a) He once has a terrible accident at a hotel.
(b) He believes women should not work in business.
(c) He used to date Miss Nili and does not want to hear about her.
(d) He believes tourists ruin their country.

6. How does Nili feel about the food Triton prepares?
(a) She loves it.
(b) She thinks he can do much better.
(c) She'd rather he add more spices.
(d) She tolerates it.

7. As Triton watches Mr. Salgado and Miss Nili taking a stroll down the beach, he imagines ___.
(a) A pirate ship sailing in the distance.
(b) The ocean snatching at their ankles.
(c) Dolphins speaking about the reefs.
(d) A sea monster rising up from the depths.

8. After their near accident on the drive to the observatory, Mr. Salgado, his friend, and Triton stop by a temple for what?
(a) To purchase water and a box lunch for each of them.
(b) To have a picnic lunch by the temple pond.
(c) To put money in a roadside blessing box.
(d) To pray at the travelers' shrine.

9. When does Miss Nili start visiting Mr. Salgado?
(a) December 1971.
(b) April 1969.
(c) February 1967.
(d) June 1965.

10. Wijetunga's radical idea about improving his country is to ___.
(a) Make alliances with their enemies.
(b) Use every available space for growing fruits and vegetables.
(c) First destroy in order to create something better.
(d) Legalize gambling.

11. Why does Triton wish Miss Nili would come by the house more often?
(a) He likes how she smells of jasmine blossoms.
(b) She has a good effect on Mr. Salgado.
(c) She always tips him after he serves dinner.
(d) She brings him news of his family.

12. Why does Salgado say he's reluctant to work for the government?
(a) He does not want to play the politicians' games.
(b) There is little pay in working for the government.
(c) The government does not run the program correctly.
(d) He would rather conduct his research independently.

13. What does Miss Nili do when Mr. Salgado accuses her of sleeping with Robert?
(a) Says she loves Robert.
(b) Cries, saying the accusation hurts.
(c) Insults him angrily and leaves.
(d) Laughs loudly and slaps him.

14. Triton's wish to see more of the outside world comes true when Mr. Salgado takes him to ___.
(a) The observatory.
(b) The coffee plantation.
(c) The library.
(d) The amusement park.

15. While working for Mr. Salgado, how does Triton educate himself?
(a) His employer hires a tutor for him.
(b) Reading his neighbor's schoolbooks.
(c) Watching educational television shows.
(d) Sneaking into the neighborhood school while his employer naps.

Short Answer Questions

1. Triton recalls a time when he is making lasagna and Nili tells him that ___.

2. Why does Miss Nili borrow Mr. Salgado's blue shirt?

3. For the dinner party on Christmas Eve, what does Triton cook for the first time ever?

4. What changes does Miss Nili bring about in Mr. Salgado's house?

5. What does Miss Nili do a few days after the Christmas Eve party?

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