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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Salgado tells Triton that Dias is dead and explains that he ___.
(a) Dies of a heart attack.
(b) Is assassinated.
(c) Drowns at sea.
(d) Crashes the jeep against a tree.

2. What is the Mahaweli Scheme?
(a) An inland irrigation project.
(b) An extensive food cooperative.
(c) A child protection plan.
(d) A reef protection initiative.

3. After Miss Nili stops working at The Sea Hopper Hotel, what dream does she develop?
(a) To get married and have five children.
(b) To build her own hotel.
(c) To start a school for chefs.
(d) To become a tour guide in the island's pearl district.

4. Why is Mr. Salgado distracted on the drive to the observatory?
(a) He has a lot on his mind.
(b) He's too hungry to focus on driving.
(c) Mr. Dias Liyanage is talking too much.
(d) He's too busy reciting poetry.

5. Mr. Dias Liyanage wants Mr. Salgado to take a job with a foundation interested in what?
(a) Cultural preservation.
(b) Soil conservation.
(c) Fishing industry.
(d) Coral business.

6. What does Miss Nili do after she and Mr. Salgado return from the inauguration party?
(a) Takes a walk along the beach.
(b) Sits on the sofa and cries.
(c) Plays sultry music.
(d) Prepares coffee for everyone.

7. Wijetunga's radical idea about improving his country is to ___.
(a) Legalize gambling.
(b) First destroy in order to create something better.
(c) Make alliances with their enemies.
(d) Use every available space for growing fruits and vegetables.

8. What changes does Miss Nili bring about in Mr. Salgado's house?
(a) She orders repairs and remodels.
(b) She insists on doing most of the cooking herself.
(c) She insists on new routines and schedules.
(d) She hires additional household staff.

9. What does Triton serve the Christmas Eve dinner guests for dessert?
(a) Pumpkin pie.
(b) Christmas pudding.
(c) Christmas cookies.
(d) Coconut cream pie.

10. While working for Mr. Salgado, how does Triton educate himself?
(a) Reading his neighbor's schoolbooks.
(b) Watching educational television shows.
(c) His employer hires a tutor for him.
(d) Sneaking into the neighborhood school while his employer naps.

11. When does Miss Nili start visiting Mr. Salgado?
(a) December 1971.
(b) June 1965.
(c) February 1967.
(d) April 1969.

12. For the holidays, what does Mr. Salgado bring home for the first time ever?
(a) Christmas tree.
(b) Dark chocolate fudge.
(c) Nativity scene.
(d) Pumpkin pie.

13. When Mr. Salgado brings up the story of an ark, how do the other guests react?
(a) Look at their watches and leave because it's late.
(b) Join in and offer their own theories.
(c) Sing a song they learn as children.
(d) Tell him he's being ridiculous.

14. What does Triton do after he finishes serving Christmas Eve dinner to Mr. Salgado and his guests?
(a) Goes outside to gaze at the stars.
(b) Moves to the doorway and watches the guests.
(c) Eats his meal out in the garden.
(d) Pulls a chair up and joins the party.

15. While Triton is in the kitchen after the Christmas Eve dinner, who visits him, and why?
(a) Joseph to apologize for his past behavior.
(b) Mr. Salgado to give him further instructions.
(c) Miss Nili to give him a present.
(d) One of the foreign guests to thank him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Triton unpacks Nili's suitcases, what fascinates him?

2. At the poker party, Mr. Salgado can't eat and drinks too much beer because he's worried about what?

3. While the group has dinner at the observatory, Mr. Salgado talks about an idea he has about creating an instrument to ___.

4. What do Robert and the journalist want to know when they stop by to visit Mr. Salgado?

5. Who is Palitha Aluthgoda, a prominent figure who is assassinated?

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