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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Triton change after Nili joins the household?
(a) He cooks meals that impress her.
(b) He decides to grow a flower garden for her.
(c) He becomes quiet and moody.
(d) He spends more time with her than with Mr. Salgado.

2. At the Christmas Eve dinner, who watches Miss Nili intently as she speaks?
(a) Robert.
(b) Triton.
(c) Joseph.
(d) Dias.

3. How does Mr. Salgado feel whenever Miss Nili is not around?
(a) Preoccupied with her.
(b) Horrendously depressed.
(c) Back to normal.
(d) Relieved.

4. As Mr. Salgado drives the Land-Rover to the observatory, what does he almost hit?
(a) Bus.
(b) Cow.
(c) Tree.
(d) Building.

5. Why does Triton wish Miss Nili would come by the house more often?
(a) He likes how she smells of jasmine blossoms.
(b) She brings him news of his family.
(c) She has a good effect on Mr. Salgado.
(d) She always tips him after he serves dinner.

6. At the poker party, Mr. Salgado can't eat and drinks too much beer because he's worried about what?
(a) The fast-approaching hurricane.
(b) Where Nili is and what she's doing.
(c) Whether or not his project is getting funded.
(d) Why Triton wants to quit.

7. Why does Nili become upset when she goes to see the fish catch?
(a) A reef shark is killed and a dolphin is about to be killed.
(b) She sees her old boyfriend there with his new wife.
(c) She thinks the fish market is stinky and dirty.
(d) One of the fishermen is rude to her.

8. When the men at the poker party call to Triton to bring more beer, what does he do?
(a) Ignores them.
(b) Brings wine instead.
(c) Goes fishing.
(d) Brings coffee instead.

9. How does Mr. Salgado treat Robert and the journalist?
(a) With suspicion.
(b) With tolerance.
(c) With impatience.
(d) With respect.

10. What does Miss Nili do when Mr. Salgado accuses her of sleeping with Robert?
(a) Laughs loudly and slaps him.
(b) Insults him angrily and leaves.
(c) Says she loves Robert.
(d) Cries, saying the accusation hurts.

11. What does Miss Nili do after she and Mr. Salgado return from the inauguration party?
(a) Takes a walk along the beach.
(b) Plays sultry music.
(c) Prepares coffee for everyone.
(d) Sits on the sofa and cries.

12. When Triton goes back to the kitchen as holiday dinner guests start to leave, how does he feel?
(a) Angry that Mr. Salgado works him so hard.
(b) Sad to be far away from his family.
(c) Elated that the guests love the meal.
(d) Overwhelmed by the cleanup he has to do.

13. Who carves the turkey during the Christmas Eve dinner?
(a) Lucy-amma.
(b) Mr. Salgado.
(c) Triton.
(d) Miss Nili.

14. What does Triton find inside the cookbook he receives?
(a) A thank you letter.
(b) A map of Sri Lanka.
(c) A letter meant for someone else.
(d) A one hundred rupee note.

15. When the Christmas Eve dinner guests start to leave, what does Mr. Salgado tell Triton to do?
(a) Have a cup of coffee.
(b) Have some turkey.
(c) Send each guest home with a bottle of wine.
(d) Send each guest home with a plate of cookies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miss Nili do a few days after the Christmas Eve party?

2. As Triton closes up the main house following the Christmas Eve dinner, who does he find together on the sofa?

3. What do Robert and the journalist want to know when they stop by to visit Mr. Salgado?

4. Triton's wish to see more of the outside world comes true when Mr. Salgado takes him to ___.

5. What does Triton do after he finishes serving Christmas Eve dinner to Mr. Salgado and his guests?

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