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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the cashier want the narrator to use his phone?
(a) To show him how to use the phone.
(b) To speak with his boss.
(c) To call the police.
(d) To call his landlady.

2. Among the many new tasks Mr. Salgado gives Joseph in preparation for his absence due to a trip, the most significant is ___.
(a) Baking cookies.
(b) Digging an irrigation ditch.
(c) Raking leaves.
(d) Taking inventories.

3. Although Mr. Salgado goes to the best schools in Colombo, he considers himself what?
(a) A philosopher, not a scientist.
(b) Not smart enough.
(c) Far more intelligent than his colleagues.
(d) Self-educated.

4. What color is the narrator's vehicle mentioned at the start of the story?
(a) Red.
(b) Cream.
(c) Green.
(d) Black.

5. How is Mr. Salgado associated with the narrator?
(a) Mr. Salgado is the narrator's priest.
(b) The narrator used to work for Mr. Salgado.
(c) The narrator has Mr. Salgado arrested.
(d) Mr. Salgado is the narrator's uncle.

6. How does Triton try to protect himself from Joseph when he's left alone with him in the house?
(a) He hides a big stick under his bed.
(b) He carries a small pocketknife everywhere he goes.
(c) He rubs a raw onion all over his hands.
(d) He wears a necklace made of chili peppers.

7. Why does Triton run away from home?
(a) His mother wants him to become a temple priest, but he refuses.
(b) He is tired of the daily beatings he receives from his uncle.
(c) He burns a roof at his school and fears his father's wrath.
(d) He is the oldest of twelve kids and he wants to get away from the daily chaos.

8. The region of Sri Lanka that the cashier comes from is once what?
(a) A sanctuary for plant scientists.
(b) A diver's paradise.
(c) A coffee-producing economic center.
(d) A seafood cornucopia.

9. What is Triton worried about, regarding being under Joseph's rule?
(a) That he attacks the man to protect himself.
(b) That he, too, becomes mean and corrupt.
(c) That Joseph sells him to a passing tourist.
(d) That Joseph slits his throat.

10. What vehicle does the narrator own when the story opens?
(a) Volkswagen.
(b) Fiat.
(c) Honda.
(d) Renault.

11. What does the word "kolla" mean in Sinhala?
(a) Beginnings.
(b) Soda.
(c) Reef.
(d) Boy.

12. As the narrator begins to speak about his former life in Sri Lanka, he talks about a ______.
(a) Bay-fronted house.
(b) Dome-shaped temple.
(c) Glass-bottom boat.
(d) Flower-adorned shrine.

13. When Triton gets up to investigate the source of the sound in the house, he finds Joseph in Mr. Salgado's room. What is the man doing there?
(a) Rubbing cologne on his chest.
(b) Reading Mr. Salgado's diary.
(c) Stealing money.
(d) Trying out Mr. Salgado's clothes.

14. Who used to own the car that belongs to the narrator at the start of the story?
(a) Joseph.
(b) Mr. Salgado.
(c) Lucy-amma.
(d) Miss Nili.

15. Does the cashier understand the suggestions the narrator gives him in a Sri Lankan language?
(a) He understands some.
(b) No, but he pretends he understands.
(c) No, he doesn't.
(d) He pretends he does not understand.

Short Answer Questions

1. The cashier says his Sri Lankan home is near what city?

2. How far away is Sri Lanka from England?

3. When Triton takes a small red onion and cuts it into quarters, what does he intend to do?

4. How long is the gas station cashier on the job?

5. What languages does the cashier say he speaks?

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