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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mr. Salgado returns from his trip and finds Joseph first missing and later drunk, what does he do?
(a) Punches him.
(b) Fires him.
(c) Asks Triton what happened.
(d) Gives him coffee.

2. Why does the cashier want the narrator to use his phone?
(a) To call his landlady.
(b) To speak with his boss.
(c) To show him how to use the phone.
(d) To call the police.

3. In response to the intrusion upon the conversation between him and the narrator, what does the cashier do?
(a) Turns off the cubicle light.
(b) Hugs the individual who approached them.
(c) Shows the approaching individual the "Closed" sign.
(d) Takes out his pepper spray.

4. What does Triton say when Mr. Salgado asks him if he has any schooling?
(a) He's been to school, knows how to read and write, and speaks some English.
(b) He's been to school at the temple and is familiar with religious teachings.
(c) He has no time for school because he's had to help raise his siblings.
(d) He has some schooling but he does not like the teachers.

5. What does the individual who approaches the cashier and narrator begin to do?
(a) Cries loudly.
(b) Laughs out loud.
(c) Hammers at the window.
(d) Calls their names.

6. What compensation does Joseph get, and what warning does he get, at the end of "Kolla"?
(a) He is given a cake and is told to leave Lucy-amma alone.
(b) He receives a shirt and is warned to stay sober from now on.
(c) He receives severance pay and is warned to never come back.
(d) He is given a farewell party and told never to go near Triton again.

7. When it starts to rain, Triton hopes that Joseph ____.
(a) Crashes his car.
(b) Falls into the bay.
(c) Catches pneumonia.
(d) Slips and falls off the bridge.

8. Why does the cashier turn off the outside lights?
(a) So he can take a ten-minute smoking break.
(b) To close early and go home to his family.
(c) So the monthly electric bill won't be as high.
(d) To keep customers away while the problem is being resolved.

9. The cashier says his Sri Lankan home is near what city?
(a) Silavatturai.
(b) Maradankadawala.
(c) Kuruwita.
(d) Colombo.

10. In what language does the narrator try to speak to the cashier?
(a) Swedish.
(b) Spanish.
(c) Sinhala.
(d) Swahili.

11. What does Mr. Salgado's house represent to Triton when he is a boy?
(a) A magical place to explore and enjoy.
(b) Center of the universe.
(c) A beautiful prison.
(d) Home away from home.

12. After the cashier shares information about himself with the narrator, what does he ask?
(a) Where the narrator went to school.
(b) If the narrator is married.
(c) How the narrator likes London.
(d) If the narrator lives nearby.

13. Why does Triton run away from home?
(a) His mother wants him to become a temple priest, but he refuses.
(b) He is the oldest of twelve kids and he wants to get away from the daily chaos.
(c) He burns a roof at his school and fears his father's wrath.
(d) He is tired of the daily beatings he receives from his uncle.

14. What color is the narrator's vehicle mentioned at the start of the story?
(a) Cream.
(b) Black.
(c) Red.
(d) Green.

15. After escaping from Joseph, where does Triton go to wait?
(a) In the living room.
(b) By the gate.
(c) In the library.
(d) At the courthouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the narrator begins to speak about his former life in Sri Lanka, he talks about a ______.

2. When Joseph leaves and Triton is left alone in the house, how does the boy feel?

3. Who is Lucy-amma?

4. How does Triton try to protect himself from Joseph when he's left alone with him in the house?

5. The haberdasher who stops by Mr. Salgado's house on Thursdays is one of the what who stops by regularly?

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