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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The haberdasher who stops by Mr. Salgado's house on Thursdays is one of the what who stops by regularly?
(a) Vendors.
(b) Beggars.
(c) Researchers.
(d) Gardeners.

2. How old is Triton when he goes to work for Mr. Salgado?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Sixteen.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Seven.

3. How long has the cashier been out of Sri Lanka?
(a) Fairly recently.
(b) A decade.
(c) Seven years ago.
(d) A year and a half.

4. What compensation does Joseph get, and what warning does he get, at the end of "Kolla"?
(a) He receives severance pay and is warned to never come back.
(b) He receives a shirt and is warned to stay sober from now on.
(c) He is given a cake and is told to leave Lucy-amma alone.
(d) He is given a farewell party and told never to go near Triton again.

5. At night, what does young Triton dream of?
(a) Revenge against Mr. Salgado.
(b) Going back to his family.
(c) Going to the beach with the neighbor girl.
(d) Revenge against Joseph.

6. What languages does the cashier say he speaks?
(a) Hebrew and French.
(b) Turkish and French.
(c) Tamil and a little English.
(d) Hindi and a little English.

7. When Joseph is in Mr. Salgado's room, what does he do when Triton finds him there?
(a) Lets out a loud scream.
(b) Pushes the boy onto the bed.
(c) Runs out the door.
(d) Threatens the boy with a knife.

8. What does the word "kolla" mean in Sinhala?
(a) Reef.
(b) Boy.
(c) Beginnings.
(d) Soda.

9. What do Triton, Mr. Salgado, and others in the neighborhood hear coming from house number eight?
(a) Piercing screams.
(b) Terrible howl.
(c) Loud music.
(d) Beautiful singing.

10. In the story, who is Joseph?
(a) Merchant.
(b) Chauffeur.
(c) Singer.
(d) Servant.

11. At the start of the story, what does the narrator notice about the cashier?
(a) The cashier looks frightened.
(b) The cashier resembles him.
(c) The cashier looks drunk.
(d) The cashier is asleep.

12. What is the narrator doing as the story opens?
(a) Filling the tank of his car.
(b) Painting his car.
(c) Washing his car.
(d) Replacing the battery of his car.

13. What does the cashier confirm to the narrator?
(a) There is a huge community of Sri Lankans in London.
(b) There is a good Sri Lankan restaurant thirty miles away.
(c) He is from Sri Lanka.
(d) His cousin teaches him a few words spoken in Sri Lanka.

14. Why does Triton run away from home?
(a) He is the oldest of twelve kids and he wants to get away from the daily chaos.
(b) He burns a roof at his school and fears his father's wrath.
(c) His mother wants him to become a temple priest, but he refuses.
(d) He is tired of the daily beatings he receives from his uncle.

15. Although Mr. Salgado goes to the best schools in Colombo, he considers himself what?
(a) Far more intelligent than his colleagues.
(b) Self-educated.
(c) Not smart enough.
(d) A philosopher, not a scientist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who stumbles towards the narrator and the cashier as the two are engrossed in conversation?

2. How does Joseph react when Triton shortens the broom handle?

3. What does Mr. Salgado's house represent to Triton when he is a boy?

4. When Mr. Salgado takes a weekend trip to his cousin's tea estate, who is left in charge of the household?

5. What do the police and neighbors discover at house number eight?

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