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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what language does the narrator try to speak to the cashier?
(a) Swahili.
(b) Swedish.
(c) Spanish.
(d) Sinhala.

2. When it starts to rain, Triton hopes that Joseph ____.
(a) Falls into the bay.
(b) Catches pneumonia.
(c) Crashes his car.
(d) Slips and falls off the bridge.

3. When Joseph leaves and Triton is left alone in the house, how does the boy feel?
(a) Trapped.
(b) Angry.
(c) Terribly frightened.
(d) At peace.

4. One night, Triton dreams that there is a demon in the house, and in the morning he oversleeps. What does he tell Mr. Salgado that morning?
(a) The raging storm outside keeps Triton up all night.
(b) Triton fears the house may be haunted.
(c) Joseph steals Mr. Salgado's best wine the night before.
(d) Someone tries to break in, but Triton chases him away.

5. How long is the gas station cashier on the job?
(a) It's his first night.
(b) It's the end of his first week.
(c) Ten days.
(d) One month.

6. As the narrator begins to speak about his former life in Sri Lanka, he talks about a ______.
(a) Glass-bottom boat.
(b) Bay-fronted house.
(c) Flower-adorned shrine.
(d) Dome-shaped temple.

7. After taking care of his car, what does the narrator do at the start of the story?
(a) Drops his wallet.
(b) Assists another driver.
(c) Records data in a logbook.
(d) Buys an ice cream cone.

8. When the cashier mentions the part of Sri Lanka that he's from, what does the narrator think of?
(a) Gold coins.
(b) Pearls.
(c) Oysters.
(d) Jasmine flowers.

9. At the start of the story, what does the narrator notice about the cashier?
(a) The cashier is asleep.
(b) The cashier looks frightened.
(c) The cashier looks drunk.
(d) The cashier resembles him.

10. Among the many new tasks Mr. Salgado gives Joseph in preparation for his absence due to a trip, the most significant is ___.
(a) Digging an irrigation ditch.
(b) Baking cookies.
(c) Taking inventories.
(d) Raking leaves.

11. How does Joseph feel and act towards Triton?
(a) He treats him kindly.
(b) He largely ignores him.
(c) He resents him.
(d) He takes him under his wing.

12. The cashier experiences technical difficulties with what?
(a) Pressurized hose.
(b) Jumper cables.
(c) Paint drying unit.
(d) Electronic till.

13. The region of Sri Lanka that the cashier comes from is once what?
(a) A sanctuary for plant scientists.
(b) A seafood cornucopia.
(c) A diver's paradise.
(d) A coffee-producing economic center.

14. In response to the intrusion upon the conversation between him and the narrator, what does the cashier do?
(a) Hugs the individual who approached them.
(b) Shows the approaching individual the "Closed" sign.
(c) Turns off the cubicle light.
(d) Takes out his pepper spray.

15. As Triton waits to meet Mr. Salgado, he:
(a) Chats with a friend.
(b) Paces in the courtyard.
(c) Sits on the floor.
(d) Plays his guitar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What vehicle does the narrator own when the story opens?

2. Why does Triton run away from home?

3. After recording information about his car, what does the narrator do?

4. How is Mr. Salgado associated with the narrator?

5. The cashier tells the narrator that he, too, has a:

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