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1. Where does this story begin?

The story begins in London, where the narrator lives for more than twenty years after moving here from his native Sri Lanka.

2. Who is the narrator of the story?

The narrator of the story is a man named Triton who is living in London for two decades, protected from his past in Sri Lanka.

3. At the start of the story, who does the narrator speak with?

As the story opens, the narrator speaks with a gas station cashier. Noting a resemblance between himself and the cashier, the narrator inquires about his heritage. The cashier confirms that he is a recent refugee from Sri Lanka.

4. What does the London cashier say about the situation back home in Sri Lanka?

The cashier tells the narrator that the situation back home in Sri Lanka is very bad. A horrible war rages in the region the cashier comes from. Once a diver's paradise, the region is now a war zone.

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