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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I Kolla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The cashier experiences technical difficulties with what?
(a) Paint drying unit.
(b) Jumper cables.
(c) Electronic till.
(d) Pressurized hose.

2. At night, what does young Triton dream of?
(a) Revenge against Joseph.
(b) Going back to his family.
(c) Going to the beach with the neighbor girl.
(d) Revenge against Mr. Salgado.

3. What do the police and neighbors discover at house number eight?
(a) The wife rubs hot chillies all over her husband as punishment for his indiscretions.
(b) A visiting classical singer is trying to stay there without being noticed by the neighbors.
(c) The husband is drunk and cranks up the volume of the radio and television.
(d) The wife steps on a cluster of poisonous scorpions.

4. Who stumbles towards the narrator and the cashier as the two are engrossed in conversation?
(a) Drunk man.
(b) Mutual friend.
(c) Police officer.
(d) Distraught child.

5. How does Joseph feel and act towards Triton?
(a) He takes him under his wing.
(b) He treats him kindly.
(c) He largely ignores him.
(d) He resents him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the narrator doing as the story opens?

2. How long is the gas station cashier on the job?

3. Why are Triton and Joseph left alone at Mr. Salgado's house?

4. Meticulous when it comes to creating lists, what does the narrator log after servicing his car?

5. Why does the cashier want the narrator to use his phone?

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