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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III A Thousand Fingers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Triton run away from home?
(a) He burns a roof at his school and fears his father's wrath.
(b) He is tired of the daily beatings he receives from his uncle.
(c) He is the oldest of twelve kids and he wants to get away from the daily chaos.
(d) His mother wants him to become a temple priest, but he refuses.

2. One night, Triton dreams that there is a demon in the house, and in the morning he oversleeps. What does he tell Mr. Salgado that morning?
(a) Someone tries to break in, but Triton chases him away.
(b) Triton fears the house may be haunted.
(c) The raging storm outside keeps Triton up all night.
(d) Joseph steals Mr. Salgado's best wine the night before.

3. What is Triton worried about, regarding being under Joseph's rule?
(a) That he attacks the man to protect himself.
(b) That Joseph slits his throat.
(c) That he, too, becomes mean and corrupt.
(d) That Joseph sells him to a passing tourist.

4. How does Joseph react when Triton shortens the broom handle?
(a) Buys a new broom.
(b) Locks him in the basement.
(c) Complains bitterly.
(d) Laughs good-naturedly.

5. Why are Triton and Joseph left alone at Mr. Salgado's house?
(a) Mr. Salgado and Lucy-amma take separate trips at the same time.
(b) Mr. Salgado takes Lucy-amma out for her birthday.
(c) Mr. Salgado is on a business trip and Lucy-amma is taking care of a dying relative.
(d) Mr. Salgado is on vacation and Lucy-amma is in the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Salgado feel whenever Miss Nili is not around?

2. What does Miss Nili advise regarding the holiday decor?

3. What does Miss Nili do a few days after the Christmas Eve party?

4. How old is Triton when he goes to work for Mr. Salgado?

5. What about Mr. Salgado captivates young Triton when they first meet?

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