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Lesson 1

Objective: The Breach. The narrator of this story ends up being a primary character. The objective of this lesson is to meet the narrator.

1. Class Discussion: How does the story open? Who is the narrator? What is he doing? Where is he from? Where is he now? What bond does he have with the cashier? How are the two men similar?

2. Written Assignment: Write a description of the narrator based on what you know of him from "The Breach".

3. Small Group Activity: Discuss the narrator in the following roles: immigrant, businessman, role model, friend.

4. For Homework: The character comes from an island nation called Sri Lanka. Locate Sri Lanka on a map. Find the capital and other major cities. Then, locate any specific geographical points covered in this section of "Reef".

Lesson 2

Objective: The Breach. This chapter opens with seemingly trivial matters and ends with the narrator...

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