Reef Character Descriptions

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Mister Ranjan Salgado

Described once as a prodigy of science, this person is obsessed with the ocean, coral reefs, and marine life. This person is very meticulous, writing lists of things that need to be done and keeping records of what has been done.


This self-educated person is the narrator of the novel and a loyal servant who enjoys reading and learns to cook from an elderly woman and a neighbor.

Miss Nili

This hardworking, ambitious person is a socialite with many friends and an infectious laugh who reaches a dream of owning a hotel.


This person is an assistant at the bungalow observatory who falls under the spell of revolutionaries and grows a beard like the rest of them.


This person is a mysterious, frustrated, and disturbed character who is not good with limitations, drinks too much, and often behaves irresponsibly.

Mr. Dias Liyanage

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