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The Breach

• The story begins with Triton, the narrator, filling up the tank of his old Volkswagen, which used to belong to Mr. Salgado.

• Triton is out of Sri Lanka for more than twenty years.

• The reader learns that in the past, he is strongly influenced by Mr. Salgado.
• Triton records in a log book his car's mileage, how much gas he puts in, and the date.

• When he pays for the gas, he notices that the cashier resembles him.

• Triton realizes that the cashier is also from Sri Lanka.
• After experiencing technical difficulties, the cashier is about to make a phone call to get help.

• Triton speaks to him in Sinhala and offers a suggestion.

• The cashier explains that he speaks only Tamil and a bit of English.

• This is the cashier's first night on the job.
• The cashier invites Triton to the office and asks him...

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