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Short Answer Questions

1. Methuselah was know for having the gift of _____.

2. What is fixed upon the top of Cluny's personal standard?

3. Where did most of Cluny's army sleep in St. Ninian's?

4. Cornflower's father shares a _____ with Mr. Churchmouse on the way home.

5. Father Abbot Mortimer believes in tempering triumph with _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the otters do at the Jubilee?

2. What does Ragear plan to do with Matthias once he catches him?

3. What is Cornflower's impression of the Abbey garden as she dozes against Matthias's shoulder?

4. How does Brother Methuselah know that the rats are trying to attack Redwall via the elm tree?

5. How does Sela manipulate Fangburn?

6. What does Matthias say to Warbeak when she threatens to have her king kill him?

7. How does Silent Sam act around Matthias when he finds him?

8. How do Matthias and Cluny react to Cornflower when Cluny enters Redwall?

9. How does Silent Sam deal with his boredom waiting for battle?

10. What does Cluny threaten to do if he doesn't like the progress of the tunnel being dug leading to Redwall?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe Matthias's encounter with the shrews. How does he eventually befriend them? What happens as a result of the deal he has made with Captain Snow? How does everyone involved act as a result of this turn of events?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the final battle between Cluny and Matthias. What has foreshadowed this encounter? What finally happens to Cluny?

Essay Topic 3

Explain how Cornflower saves the day with the lantern. Is this action typical of her character?

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