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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brother Methuselah call Matthias when the novice awakens him and calls him "old one"?
(a) A young whippersnapper.
(b) A young scallywag.
(c) A troublemaker.
(d) A whipperwill.

2. What does Father Abbot Mortimer find lodged in Matthias's shoulder?
(a) A pebble.
(b) A giant thorn.
(c) A beak.
(d) Buckshot.

3. The adder's jaws are the only _____ in the wood.
(a) Cause for caution.
(b) Efficient undertaker.
(c) Noisemakers.
(d) Poisonous spitters.

4. What is the name of the squirrel who helps immensely when the mice are looking for the Sword of Martin?
(a) Sela.
(b) Smudgenose.
(c) Anna.
(d) Jess.

5. What is happening in Cavern Hole by invitation of Matthias and Brother Methuselah?
(a) A dance.
(b) A party supper.
(c) A wedding.
(d) A military meeting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the sparrowhawk that Brother Methuselah treated call sparrows?

2. Who tries to seize Matthias only to be struck down by the Sword of Martin?

3. What does Squire Julian Gingivere mention as he talks to the shrews for the first time after the truce?

4. Where does Jess Squirrel run when the rats chase her?

5. Father Abbot Mortimer describes Redwall as ____when he addresses the captains wiht a morale-boosting speech.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Matthias say to Warbeak when she threatens to have her king kill him?

2. Why does the author state that Basil Stag Hare and Jess Squirrel are "thick as thieves"?

3. What is the light effect that occurs when Matthias and Warbeak eat lunch together?

4. What does Father Abbot Mortimer tell Matthias as the old abbot is dying?

5. Who is Greytail, and how did he die?

6. How does Matthias's imagination play tricks on him when he is lying in wait for Asmodeus, and how does he deal with this?

7. What does Cluny threaten to do if he doesn't like the progress of the tunnel being dug leading to Redwall?

8. How does Constance Badger deal with Warbeak after she is captured?

9. How does Matthias feel after he helps Squire Julian Gingivere and captain Snow regain their friendship?

10. What is Father Abbot Mortimer's last address to Redwall about?

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