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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening in Cavern Hole by invitation of Matthias and Brother Methuselah?
(a) A party supper.
(b) A dance.
(c) A wedding.
(d) A military meeting.

2. How does Cluny seem when he emerges from the tent after his defeat with the battering ram and tunnels?
(a) Sharper than before.
(b) Stoical.
(c) Much more demanding.
(d) Stark raving mad.

3. What does Captain Snow inadvertently call his nest when he invites Matthias to stay with him?
(a) Cave.
(b) Dungeon.
(c) Lair.
(d) Resting place.

4. To what are the rats of Cluny's horde unaccustomed which disgusts him as he watches their activities?
(a) The heat.
(b) Strenuous labor.
(c) His niceness.
(d) Eating army rations.

5. What sort of lunch do the shrews have when they are stalking Asmodeus?
(a) Hardtack.
(b) Cold fish.
(c) String beans.
(d) Warm soup.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chickenhound considers Redwall to be his _____.

2. Basil Stag Hare tells the the mice to go get a bite to eat or he will turn their whiskers into _____.

3. What does Basil Stag Hare say that Cluny has for having struck an enlisted creature?

4. What does Redtooth hit when he is thrown by Constance Badger?

5. Where does Jess Squirrel run when the rats chase her?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the sparrow tribe react to Queen Warbeak?

2. What does Father Abbot Mortimer tell Matthias as the old abbot is dying?

3. How does Cluny react when he is covered in hornet stings?

4. Why does Asmodeus like the idea of eating Redtooth?

5. How does Basil Stag Hare show his admiration for Constance Badger after she returns from fighting Redtooth and Fangburn?

6. What does Basil Stag Hare tell Matthias after the death of Brother Methuselah, and what effect does this have on him?

7. How does Basil Stag Hare propose that Matthias approach Captain Snow for help as a guide to finding Asmodeus?

8. How does Silent Sam deal with his boredom waiting for battle?

9. Why does Squire Julian Gingivere harbor resentment toward Captain Snow?

10. Why does the author state that Basil Stag Hare and Jess Squirrel are "thick as thieves"?

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