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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many shrews are available for battle at Redwall?
(a) Fifty.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) Fifty thousand.
(d) Five thousand.

2. What did Killconey call Scrag in order to extol his virtues after death?
(a) Officer material.
(b) A Scallywag.
(c) Caring and shameless.
(d) A gambler.

3. What does Father Abbot Mortimer find lodged in Matthias's shoulder?
(a) A beak.
(b) A pebble.
(c) A giant thorn.
(d) Buckshot.

4. What does the sparrowhawk that Brother Methuselah treated call sparrows?
(a) Flying mice.
(b) Low-flying complainers.
(c) Flying rats.
(d) Chickenhawks.

5. What does Cheesethief say the battering ram is like after the mice attack it?
(a) A wet eel.
(b) A splintered mess.
(c) A hot poker.
(d) A pile of barnacles.

6. The cat that Matthias encounters is a _____.
(a) Marmalade.
(b) Tabby.
(c) Siamese.
(d) Tuxedo.

7. What are the rats threatening to use to attack Redwall with?
(a) A rock cannon.
(b) Pin tar arrows.
(c) A giant slingshot.
(d) A battering ram.

8. What sort of lunch do the shrews have when they are stalking Asmodeus?
(a) String beans.
(b) Cold fish.
(c) Warm soup.
(d) Hardtack.

9. Where is Captain Snow living, according to the cat?
(a) In the barn.
(b) In a damp cave.
(c) In a hollow tree.
(d) In a hole in the quarry wall.

10. What does Jess Squirrel shoot after Cheesethief is killed?
(a) A water rat.
(b) A stoat.
(c) A ferret.
(d) A weasel.

11. Who saves a cornered band of shrews from the ferrets?
(a) Salmon.
(b) Dormice.
(c) Constance Badger.
(d) Otters.

12. What do the sniggering rats call the leaders of Redwall when they capture them?
(a) Ratfodder.
(b) The Doomed.
(c) The Lostmice.
(d) The Ringleaders.

13. What sort of odor dose Asmodeus emit?
(a) Deathlike.
(b) Flowery.
(c) Calm-inducing.
(d) Musky.

14. Basil Stag Hare calls Constance Badger a _____ when she returns from fighting Redtooth and Fangburn.
(a) Coward.
(b) Captain.
(c) Weasel.
(d) Heroine.

15. What does Squire Julian Gingivere call the views of Captain Snow?
(a) Raging proletariat.
(b) Nobless oblige.
(c) Apolitical nonsensical.
(d) Hide-bound militaristic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Matthias doesn't try the shield in the stone before the appointed hour because he wants to abide by the rules of the _____.

2. What has the cat given up as a food staple?

3. Where does Matthias find the sword belt in King Bull Sparra's chambers?

4. The adder's jaws are the only _____ in the wood.

5. When Matthias pushes Warbeak off the ledge, what saves the bird from strangulation?

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