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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Matthias wakes up from having fallen asleep after his encounter with the rats at St. Ninian's, he is filled with _____.
(a) Consternation at Basil Stag Hare.
(b) Pride.
(c) Self-contempt.
(d) Relief.

2. Methuselah was know for having the gift of _____.
(a) Song.
(b) Tongues.
(c) The pen.
(d) Reason.

3. Cluny orders a _____ healer to be called for to tend his wounds.
(a) Ferret.
(b) Monastic.
(c) Cosmic.
(d) Gypsy.

4. What particular attribute does Basil Stag Hare say is unseemly about the rats to their faces?
(a) Their eating habits.
(b) Their manner of speaking.
(c) Their dress.
(d) Their smell.

5. What are the rats carrying up the old elm tree?
(a) A plank.
(b) A bucket of oil.
(c) A slingshot.
(d) A giant sword.

6. Cluny calls the tapestry with Martin the Warrior on it a _____ to the mice.
(a) Precious omen.
(b) Collosal failure.
(c) Powerless relic.
(d) Common work of bad art.

7. How does Brother Methuselah describe the eyes of the sparrowhawk he treated?
(a) As savage golden eyes.
(b) As darting brown eyes.
(c) As pools of black ice.
(d) As piercing green eyes.

8. Brothers Rufus and _____ bring up an incident report.
(a) Fred.
(b) Abel.
(c) John.
(d) George.

9. Cluny calls his hordes a cringing load of _____ when he yells for Redtooth and Darkclaw after the cart accident.
(a) Pigfeet.
(b) Hazelmush.
(c) Catsmeat.
(d) Applesauce.

10. What lies beneath the Great Hall of Redwall?
(a) Knobster Bottoms.
(b) Killkarney Castle.
(c) Martin Hall.
(d) Cavern Hole.

11. What is the name of Sela's son?
(a) Scabbardnail.
(b) Lockinghouse.
(c) Chickenhound.
(d) Blarneytoe.

12. What is the name of the ferret that has been scouting with Cheesethief?
(a) Ravenkiller.
(b) Craveclaw.
(c) Eggcracker.
(d) Killconey.

13. Matthias wears _____ that don't fit.
(a) Sandals.
(b) Hats.
(c) Pants.
(d) Glasses.

14. What does Matthias feed Tim and Tess?
(a) Apple and mint ice cream.
(b) Gingerbread muffins.
(c) Sugarplums and cookies.
(d) Stilton cheese balls.

15. The rats have trouble catching Basil Stag Hare and say that he is as slippery as a _____.
(a) Mossy rock.
(b) Greased pig.
(c) Steamed egg.
(d) Wet noodle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Matthias had better _____ that either Constance Badger or Brother Alf.

2. What does Cornflower give to Matthias as a token of her belief in him?

3. What word is used to describe Ragear's stalking of Matthias?

4. What do Matthias and Brother Methuselah drink while working with the words behind the tapestry?

5. What does Ragear think Cluny will call him when he catches the mouse he is stalking?

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