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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cluny says to himself that by the _____ he has not yet lost the war.
(a) Eyes of the full moon.
(b) Fingers of riverflood.
(c) Claws of hellthunder.
(d) Paws of Martin.

2. What direction of breeze does Brother Methuselah point out when he is talking to Father Abbott Mortimer about the state of the battle with the rats?
(a) Northerly.
(b) Easterly.
(c) Westerly.
(d) Southerly.

3. What does Cornflower give to Matthias as a token of her belief in him?
(a) A headband.
(b) A ring.
(c) A medal.
(d) A necklace.

4. Matthias hits Ragear with a _____.
(a) Cudgel.
(b) Larch branch.
(c) Sword handle.
(d) Mace.

5. What is chronicled in the Redwall tapestry?
(a) The life of Christ.
(b) The defeat of Captain Stallwart.
(c) Early Redwall history.
(d) Late Roman history.

6. What is the title of the mole who leads the tunneling?
(a) Foremole.
(b) Firstmole.
(c) Primole.
(d) Headmole.

7. What does Constance Badger think of the rats' fiasco in the elm tree?
(a) That it is a diversion.
(b) That Matthias was part of the plot.
(c) That the rats have won the battle.
(d) That the mice have won the war.

8. Where does the Churchmouse family live?
(a) The Church of St. Ninian.
(b) The edge of Manner Wood.
(c) Redwall Abbey.
(d) The Hall of Churches.

9. Where did most of Cluny's army sleep in St. Ninian's?
(a) In the atrium.
(b) In the pews.
(c) In the nave.
(d) In the choir loft.

10. Who does Mangfur blame for the quality of food that they bring to Cluny?
(a) Ragear.
(b) Cheesethief.
(c) Darkclaw.
(d) Fangburn.

11. Old Wormtail lost _____ in the cart accident.
(a) An ear.
(b) An eye.
(c) A whisker.
(d) A paw.

12. Cluny calls his hordes a cringing load of _____ when he yells for Redtooth and Darkclaw after the cart accident.
(a) Pigfeet.
(b) Catsmeat.
(c) Hazelmush.
(d) Applesauce.

13. What does Cluny say he is going to rename Redwall when he takes over?
(a) Cluny Castle.
(b) Scourge City.
(c) Anger Abbey.
(d) Ratville.

14. What does Cluny call Constance Badger when he talks to Redtooth about her?
(a) A piece of work.
(b) A half-scourge.
(c) A tattle-tale.
(d) A country bumpkin.

15. What is the name of the ferret that has been scouting with Cheesethief?
(a) Eggcracker.
(b) Craveclaw.
(c) Killconey.
(d) Ravenkiller.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brother Methuselah describe the eyes of the sparrowhawk he treated?

2. When Matthias wakes up from having fallen asleep after his encounter with the rats at St. Ninian's, he is filled with _____.

3. How does the author describe the color of Basil Stag Hare's coat?

4. What brings Cluny out of his nightmare where the phantom figure appears?

5. Constance Badger calls Basil Stag Hare an old _____.

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