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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, The Warrior, Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Captain Snow inadvertently call his nest when he invites Matthias to stay with him?
(a) Dungeon.
(b) Lair.
(c) Cave.
(d) Resting place.

2. What emanates from Skullface after he falls from the horse?
(a) A red mist of death.
(b) A cloud of dust.
(c) A cloud of black smoke.
(d) A blue beam of light.

3. Which of the moles' relatives was an authority on the item of the riddle that exists between the Great Hall and Cavern Hole?
(a) Their grandfather.
(b) Their fourth cousin.
(c) Their uncle.
(d) Their grandmother.

4. What does Father Abbot Mortimer find lodged in Matthias's shoulder?
(a) Buckshot.
(b) A beak.
(c) A giant thorn.
(d) A pebble.

5. What sort of material does the squirrel who helps the mice look for the Sword of Martin prefer to climb?
(a) Stone.
(b) Brick.
(c) Steel.
(d) Bark.

Short Answer Questions

1. Brothers Rufus and _____ bring up an incident report.

2. Whose whiskers had gotten singed by Matthias in the past?

3. What is chronicled in the Redwall tapestry?

4. Like Basil Stag Hare, the shrews are masters of _____.

5. When Matthias tells Basil Stag Hare that he looks heroic, the hare thinks he does look a bit like _____.

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